January 14, 2013 17:23 ET Introducing No. 9 Bask

Composed of 98.8 Percent Pheromones, No. 9 Bask Revolutionizes What It Means to Have Sex Appeal

NUTLEY, NJ--(Marketwire - Jan 14, 2013) -, premium destination of skincare & cosmetics brands and luxury designer fragrances for both men and women added No. 9 Bask to its ever growing product catalog.

Everyone wants to be a sexual attractant with the ability to seduce individuals of their choosing, but there hasn't been a way to seamlessly do so until now -- No. 9 Bask has revolutionized the way men and women captivate each other.

Composed of 98.8 percent pheromones, No. 9 Bask is the definition of a love potion. This formula is designed to make it easier to charm and woo potential lovers by simply applying it. No. 9 Bask is created from pheromones directly derived from the human body, which have been proven to trigger responses in both men and women. Pheromones can be defined as chemicals in the body that encourage reactive behavior in other humans.

It's virtually undetectable once it's applied, even in its highest potency -- no worrying about an overwhelming scent that may turn suitors away -- unlike with EDT pheromone formulas.

To fascinate and lure others, No. 9 Bask can be sprayed onto the skin, then allowed to sit for approximately 10 seconds until fully dry. Afterward, No. 9 Bask's effects can linger for up to three days on the body and six days on clothing without the need for reapplication. As the only one of its kind in the world, users will come back for more after relishing the ability it gives them to attract the perfect mate.

Brand Connoisseur Kate at Beauty Bridge, said, "A definition of today love potion is something I would use for No. 9 Bask."


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