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Beauty's Top 100 Articles of the Year: Guide to the Year's Top Articles on Skincare, Hair, Fashion and Lifestyle

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 5, 2012) - Everyone can use a little help turning beauty goals into reality. offers a guide to all beauty-related issues, whether a person is struggling with skin conditions like eczema or acne, seeking relief from menopause symptoms or simply wants to reinvigorate their makeup, fashion and skincare routines. Looking for tips on creating an office-appropriate look or finding cutting-edge beauty products on a budget? Exploring ways to reduce stress and pamper skin at home? The latest article by Skincare-news Top 100 Skincare & Beauty Articles of the Year can help anyone discover a total skincare and beauty transformation.

Section 1: Skincare & beauty calendar - 12 articles

When it comes to improving a health and beauty routine, take the practical approach with this month-by-month guide to skincare success. Learn how to adapt a beauty regimen to the season, understand the latest ingredients for acne and anti-aging, and indulge in some at-home pampering. From January to December, provides all the information one needs to evaluate a current skincare routine and achieve long-term goals for clear, beautiful skin. Ready to achieve any skincare goal? To find out more, visit or click

Section 2: Anti-aging and menopause - 12 articles

Aging can bring a host of beauty challenges -- from dry skin and wrinkles to adult acne, thinning hair and skin damage. Add menopause to the mix and women might feel a bit overwhelmed in their skincare and beauty routine. Looking for expert advice on caring for skin during menopause, plus fashion and lifestyle tips to help women age beautifully? To find out more, visit or click

Section 3: Skincare, beauty & fashion tips - 6 articles

The foundation of any effective beauty regimen is an understanding of the basics. These articles cover the five key questions to ask a dermatologist, skincare essentials like body cleansers and lip balm, how to achieve a fashionable and polished look on a budget and more. And it's not just for the ladies: men will also find tips and tricks to boosting their style and skincare habits with "Men's Essential Fashion and Grooming Tips." Ready to streamline a beauty and grooming routine? To find out more, visit or click

Section 4: Office beauty - 19 articles

For men and women ready to revamp their professional appearance, this is the perfect place to start. Learn how to dress to impress for that first job interview, create office-appropriate makeup and hairstyles, save time on busy mornings and travel with ease and style. Men can find tips on tailoring their business looks to project confidence and success. Need ideas for after-work pampering at home to reduce stress and maintain beautiful skin? To find out more, visit or click

Section 5: Skin conditions - 14 articles

Skin conditions are a fact of life for many people, and the battle for clear, healthy skin can feel daunting. Whether the culprit is a temporary skin condition like athlete's foot, a common but persistent condition like acne or cellulite, or something more complex like eczema, there are ways to treat -- if not cure -- irritated skin. Ready to relieve skin concerns by understanding causes, options for treatment and prevention? To find out more, visit or click

Section 6: Makeup - 5 articles

Whether a woman uses makeup as a routine part of her daily beauty routine or reserves it for special occasions, the key to a beautifully made-up face is practice and a little know-how. Peruse these five articles to learn techniques for applying mascara and lipstick, tips for the stylish professional, plus how to store makeup to keep it free of germs that could irritate skin. Even for those who have a well-established makeup regimen, these articles reveal the surprising history of makeup and ideas for changing up a habitual look. Want to master the art of makeup? To find out more, visit or click

Section 7: Hair & scalp conditions - 6 articles

Looking for relief from hair woes? Coping with seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, scalp acne or other scalp conditions can feel like a losing battle. Get strategies for soothing an itchy, irritated scalp with these articles that offer treatment and product recommendations. Have colored hair or struggling with hair loss? Benefit from the latest remedies to improve the look and feel of hair. To find out more, visit or click

Section 8: Kids, teens & family - 4 articles

Parents understand the challenges in caring for kids' skin, whether it's treating baby's diaper rash or helping teens learn how to choose the right skincare products on a budget. Looking for tips on finding natural, eco-friendly formulas for children's delicate skin, and how to make bath time stress-free for fussy kids? To find out more, visit or click

Section 9: Body & lifestyle - 4 articles

No skincare regimen is complete without caring for the body -- from exfoliating and waxing to getting a healthy amount of sleep and exercise. Want to learn some simple and affordable tips for a balanced lifestyle with these articles on maintaining a glowing complexion no matter how busy life gets? To find out more, visit or click

Section 10: Seasonal - 18 articles

Most people notice that as the weather changes, their skin and hair change too. The dryness of winter gives way to an oily T-zone or scalp come spring and summer, so learning to adapt and adjust a beauty routine with the seasons is key to a healthy complexion year-round. Want to get the full guide to caring for skin and hair through every phase of the year. Looking for ideas for holiday beauty gifts and special occasion makeup and hair? To find out more, visit or click

Find answers to all these questions and much more from the year's top beauty articles covering everything from menopause and anti-aging to seasonal skincare, fashion and men's grooming at or

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