April 23, 2009 08:00 ET

BeCrypt Announces Trusted Client v3 Giving Businesses Cost-Effective, Environmentally Friendly Alternative for Secure Remote Access

BeCrypt Goes Paperless at RSA and Donates Savings to Friends of the Urban Forest

ANNAPOLIS, MD and SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - April 23, 2009) - RSA Conference -- BeCrypt, a leading supplier of enterprise data security solutions, announced today its cost-efficient, Trusted Client v3 secure remote access solution which can help companies to be more environmentally friendly. Continuing with the green theme, for the RSA Conference, the company is eliminating the printing of product marketing collateral and donating $1,000 it would have spent on the paper collateral to Friends of the Urban Forest, a San Francisco non-profit committed to the belief that trees are a critical element of a livable urban environment. Trusted Client v3 is an innovative solution to IT managers' dilemma of providing employees with low-cost, secure remote access, while also helping them to reduce their electronic waste by securely leveraging home machines and repurposing existing laptops and desktops within a company.

Businesses are increasingly turning to flexible, mobile working environments, but that often comes with a price. Either they buy employees laptops that have a secure connection to the company server and data, or they allow employees to work from unmanaged computers at home, which often do not have proper anti-virus or malware protection. This could easily enable viruses or other malware to be transferred back to the company network, putting private company information and business continuity at risk.

BeCrypt's Trusted Client v3 cost-efficiently solves that problem, enabling businesses to easily create a secure working environment on an unmanaged host computer. Employees simply plug in the USB device, re-boot the computer and have secure access to the company user interface, web browser, email, VoIP, video and stand-alone applications. This can save companies the additional expense of purchasing laptops for remote workers, and instead, allows them to buy an inexpensive, off-the-shelf USB flash drive that's more secure and easier to carry. It additionally enables businesses to revitalize idle computers that may be lying around the office with sensitive information and turn them into secure workstations. This not only saves them the costs of buying new PCs, but also helps them be more environmentally responsible.

"Personal computers have been cited as one of the largest sources of hazardous waste, so it's very important for businesses to be able to reuse an older computer or issue a small USB drive to employees who only need occasional remote access," said Steven Bessellieu, CEO, BeCrypt, Inc. "Trusted Client v3 addresses that need, while also providing a cost-efficient, secure solution for employees working from unmanaged computers."

"We are very grateful to BeCrypt for its donation, as well as making a responsible decision to offer paperless collateral at the RSA Conference," said Dan Flanagan, interim executive director of Friends of the Urban Forest. "Trees help to save energy, clean the air, reduce global warming, decease flooding, improve property value and have even proven to help grow businesses, according to research from the University of Washington. Every little bit that a business or individual does to help save the environment makes an impact, as well as sets an example for others to follow."

With BeCrypt's Trusted Client v3, any piece of data that is accessed from the temporary host computer is saved only on the USB device leaving nothing on the computer when the device is removed. Trust Client v3 allows employees to conduct all of their work without accessing the host's hard drive, ensuring that no data is leaked and no malware infects the network. Additionally, all data is encrypted on the device, ensuring complete protection if it gets lost or stolen.

Additional key features of BeCrypt's TCv3 include:

--  Read-only configuration, ensuring no data is saved to the device
--  Supports 3G capabilities
--  Restricted access to trusted destinations such as a company Intranet,
    VPN or other specific host
--  Various supported environments, including thin-client, web-based or
    stand alone
--  Strong user authentication to prohibit unauthorized access
--  Out of the box integration -- Trusted Client utilizes standard
    browsers, Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services to give users a
    familiar user interface and offers easy integration
--  Central management functionality to ensure low operational overhead;
        --  Remote revocation (remote killing) allows you to kill off an
            individual Trusted Client remotely should it be lost, stolen or
            should a user's access be revoked
        --  Configurable secure options allow Trusted Client to meet
            organizations' security requirements
        --  Secure device recovery in the event of a lost password
--  Fast boot time to ensure quick access to networks
--  Plug-ins for easy addition of extra applications

For more information on BeCrypt or Trusted Client v3, stop by BeCrypt's booth #251 during RSA, or visit us at

About BeCrypt

BeCrypt Limited was formed in 2001 to meet the growing demand for high-level computer encryption products in the international government and corporate marketplace. BeCrypt products protect customers in key government areas in the United Kingdom, including: federal, state and local government, the defense sector, law enforcement and transportation.

The company now also provides a range of flexible security products tailored to meet the requirements of the commercial sector. BeCrypt has customers in financial services, pharmaceutical, insurance and banking sectors.

Through technology and OEM partnerships BeCrypt enables third-party solutions with encryption and other data security capabilities.

BeCrypt is based in Annapolis, Maryland, USA and London, UK.

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Friends of the Urban Forest aims to promote a larger, healthier urban forest as part of the urban ecosystem, through community planting, maintenance, education and advocacy. Friends of the Urban Forest is a non-profit committed to the belief that trees are a critical element of a livable urban environment. Since 1981, we have offered financial, technical, and practical assistance to individuals and neighborhood groups who want to plant and care for trees.

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