SOURCE: The Bed Wedge Company, Inc.

The Bed Wedge Company, Inc.

March 05, 2012 11:18 ET

Bed Wedge Provides Safe, Simple Way for a Rejuvenating Night of Rest

Adults and Children Sleep Safer and Sounder by Eliminating Common Disruptions to Sleep Patterns

CARSON CITY, NV--(Marketwire - Mar 5, 2012) - The Bed Wedge Company ( today announced a revolutionary new sleeping aid, The Bed Wedge, which enhances the way individuals sleep throughout the night. It helps to eliminate tossing and turning, hard surfaces, lost pillows, and toys that slip between the headboard and mattress, interrupting a solid sleep cycle. The Bed Wedge also provides convenient pockets to store remote controls, eyeglasses and other important bedside items.

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Acting as a barrier between the top of your mattress and the floor below, The Bed Wedge is constructed using a scientifically tested, high density polyurethane material specifically designed to work with two opposable forces (headboard and mattress). When used as instructed, The Bed Wedge forms a soft, comfortable barrier that prevents items from falling or becoming stuck between a headboard and mattress.

"Several times a night I would wake up because my pillow was disappearing between the headboard and mattress and interrupting my valuable REM sleep," said co-inventor and partner Ed Peisner. "After we created The Bed Wedge, we realized it instantly solved that and many more problems adults and children experience that ruin a good night of sleep."

The Bed Wedge is not only practical, it also increases safety! Each year, thousands of injuries are reported as a result of a child or adult reaching behind their mattress while trying to retrieve a lost item.

Advantages of using The Bed Wedge:

  • Avoid injuries from fishing items out of that difficult gap behind the bed
  • Children won't lose their favorite stuffed toy to the "dead zone"
  • Side sleepers never bump their elbows on a hard surface in the night
  • Bedside items and emergency flashlights are always within arm's reach
  • Prop yourself up more comfortably when reading or watching TV in bed

Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns and made to fit any bed size, The Bed Wedge will be a stylish addition to any bedroom.

"We LOVE our bed wedge! My 8 year old son will not sleep without his now! No more crying because something fell down between the bed and the wall! No more of me trying to reach my arm down there trying to find the thing!" said satisfied customer Christie Goldenberg.

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About The Bed Wedge Company

The Bed Wedge Company is headquartered in Carson City, Nev.
In 2010, Co-Founders Ed Peisner and Brent Mohr, created The Bed Wedge to provide a practical solution to keep track of pillows, toys and common bedside items. Since its inception, The Bed Wedge Company has dedicated its mission to help individuals who face this common issue. Because of their philanthropic values, The Bed Wedge Company is proud to donate directly to The Joshua Project Foundation, which provides resources to the visually impaired community. These benefits are also enhanced with the help of The Bed Wedge, by safely storing important items that are easily accessible when needed.

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