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September 13, 2011 00:01 ET

Bees and Pollen Launches the HoneyLizer™ at DEMO Fall 2011

A Social Data-Based Optimization Engine That Improves Conversions for Social Games, App Stores, Marketing Campaigns, eCommerce

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2011) - DEMO Fall 2011 -- Bees and Pollen, an innovator in social data optimization, launched the HoneyLizer™ -- a real-time optimization platform leveraging social network data -- at DEMO Fall 2011. The HoneyLizer makes social applications such as Facebook® games perform better by improving critical conversions. This new engine can help bring the rapidly growing multibillion dollar social games industry to higher profitability. The HoneyLizer also applies to app stores, ecommerce, marketing campaigns and corporate training.

The HoneyLizer uses complex mathematical algorithms that automatically categorize the social data DNA of users in real time and directs them to the most appropriate pages, based on their social identity. Each user gets a slightly different version of the page, one that is more appealing to their personal preference and character.

The HoneyLizer is most useful in critical pages such as payment pages. Whereas only 1 to 5 percent of players purchase virtual goods while playing social games, the HoneyLizer-optimized version of this page can drastically improve conversions and substantially increase the game's revenue. Numerous pages and messages can also be optimized within the game.

Today, optimization is done by game companies trying out different pages, often using simple A/B Testing. For example, when a game company wants to increase the percentage of players who invite their friends to join, they develop different messages, test them, and then decide which one works best. The HoneyLizer real-time analysis enables applications to automatically serve each user a different message based on their unique social identity, assuring higher conversions.

Raf Keustermans says about Bees and Pollen:

"I am very impressed with Bees and Pollen's HoneyLizer technology, it's a fantastic piece of software that can really help social game developers big and small. A/B and MVT-testing and constant optimization is the norm these days, and this technology really adds a lot of value in this area. I would strongly recommend every social game developer to check out the Bees and Pollen tools."

Raf Keustermans is an independent consultant who works for many European social game studios, he's the acting VP Marketing at Kobojo and was previously Global Marketing Director at EA Playfish.

About Bees and Pollen
Bees and Pollen, LTD is a startup company specializing in social data optimization, and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Bees and Pollen is promoting the vision that optimal use of users' social data is critical to the future of many online industries.

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