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March 10, 2014 10:15 ET

"Being Uncle Charlie," Published by Random House Canada, Reaches Best Seller List, Readers Digest Editors Choice; Author Bob Deasy and Director Richard D'Alessio Represented by Agent Alan Morell, Creative Management Partners for Literary & TV for Worldwide Rights

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 10, 2014) - "Being Uncle Charlie," by Author Bob Deasy with Mark Ebner, published by Random House, is the intense intimate and graphic story of one Canadian undercover cop who spent two decades infiltrating organized crime. From Russian and Italian mafias to notorious biker gangs, Bob Deasy gained access to and the acceptance of criminals who most cops in any country would never encounter or arrest, let alone befriend. Author Bob Deasy, who along with Director Richard D'Alessio of Double D Productions is represented by Agent Alan Morell, Creative Management Partners for Worldwide Rights.

"Being Uncle Charlie" is a nail-biting ride -- often comic, always entertaining -- that reads like a one-man history of modern crime, told through the ground-level, insider's perspective of a cop, who was able to blend in with the unsavory, the desperate and the diabolical.

Said Author Deasy: "'Being Uncle Charlie' is a true story of my time spent over two decades deep undercover for the Ontario Provincial Police. I want to thank my colleague, L.A. Rich for bringing me to the right people to publish my book and take it to TV."

Said Agent Alan Morell: "Bob's story is equal to 'Maltese Falcon,' 'True Detective,' 'The Departed' and 'Donnie Brasco' and were confident we will have film and network pick up as we position 'Being Uncle Charlie' with A-List show runners. It is a true story about life undercover with killers, kingpins, bikers and drug lords as told by Bob Deasy, the insider."

About Author Bob Deasy:

Bob Deasy had an illustrious twenty-three-year career with the Ontario Provincial Police. Using little more than his quick wits, natural confidence and deft mental equilibrium that allowed him to stay three chess moves ahead of his quarry, Deasy was the secret weapon behind some of the signature crime busts in Canadian history. Infiltrating the biker gangs and the Russian and Italian mobs, he also single-handedly set up international import-export businesses and executed one of the largest drug buys in OPP history. He also perfected the now controversial "Mr. Big" technique of posing as a crime kingpin to solicit unwitting confessions from suspects in long-dormant cold murder cases -- a tactic he defends as he practiced it, and with which he enjoyed 100% success rate.

About Writer/Director Richard D'Alessio:

Clio Award winning Writer/Director Richard D'Alessio, is Founder of UnpluggedTV and Director. Mr. D'Alessio has won numerous international awards for innovative branded and original content. He has directed 4 top 10 Super Bowl commercials for Budweiser including "Cedric Date" for Bud Light, which was number 1 and named a top 10 all-time commercial by USA Today. His work for Kellogg's, AT&T, and Bud Light won numerous international awards including three Lions at Cannes, and were included in four separate television specials highlighting the world's best commercials.

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