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May 02, 2006 09:00 ET

The Belgium Ministry of the Flemish Government Selects Infoblox Network Identity Appliances

ANTWERP, BELGIUM and SUNNYVALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 2, 2006 -- Infoblox Inc., a developer of essential infrastructure for identity-driven networks (IDNs), today announced that the Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap (the Belgian Ministry of the Flemish Government), which is responsible for administering all public works in Flanders -- including energy, traffic affairs, education, urban policy, and export, among others -- has selected and deployed Infoblox appliances. The Infoblox solution delivers nonstop domain name resolution (DNS), IP address assignment and management (DHCP and IPAM) services to help maintain 24x7 availability of the Ministry's essential network infrastructure.

The Ministry relies heavily on its network infrastructure to manage all government administrative functions and responsibilities to the public, some of which include managing roads, waterways, railways, and air, as well as ensuring clean water and protecting the lowlands against high water levels.

"With so many people counting on our services on a daily basis, it is essential that our network resources operate and are available to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; domain name and IP address management services are critical to maintaining that availability," said Mis K. Herdewijn, CTO SCICT, Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap. "Infoblox appliances provide the reliability, scalability and security that allow us to deliver those services nonstop and maintain that network availability without requiring excessive IT resources."

The Ministry previously relied on open source software deployed on general-purpose servers to provide DNS and DHCP services, but found that significant time was required to manage the solution. In addition, the Ministry IT representatives were concerned about overall solution reliability and the potential security vulnerabilities inherent in using a general-purpose operating system.

To address these issues, the Ministry selected and deployed an Infoblox appliance-based solution that includes two Infoblox-1000 appliances deployed in a high-availability pair to perform external DNS. Four additional Infoblox-1000 and two Infoblox-1200 appliances also are deployed in HA pairs to provide internal DNS and DHCP services for the Ministry and its various departments. The dedicated DNS/DHCP Infoblox infrastructure also provides the DNS services necessary to support the Ministry's Microsoft Active Directory environment.

The Ministry has deployed the Infoblox Keystone module that unifies the Infoblox appliances into a seamless "ID grid," providing unprecedented performance and scalability. Unified, grid-wide management simplifies administration, and powerful features such as one-button, system-wide software upgrades lower operational costs and improve system uptime. Built-in IP address management (IPAM) also provided by the Keystone module enable essential reporting and control over IP address utilization without the need for separate hardware or software. This allows the Ministry to implement an identity-driven network that is secure, resilient and builds user and application-level security, accountability, and audit-ability into the network fabric.

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About The Belgium Ministry of the Flemish Government

The Belgium Ministry governs Flanders, which has a population of approximately 5.9 million people and borders the North Sea situated between The Netherlands and France. It is the northern part of Belgium. The Ministry handles mobility, public works, energy, welfare, health, equal opportunities, culture, youth, urban policy, housing, education, training, employment, tourism, environment, agriculture, home affairs, sports, economics, town and country planning, media and export for all of Flanders.

Additional information on the Ministry's projects and responsibilities can be found on the organization's international web-site at:

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