April 30, 2013 04:19 ET

Believe In Yourself-Interview with Oranum's RockPsychic

"All Encounters & Situations are a Mirror Reflection of You. Are You Up to Looking in the Mirror?"

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Are you struggling and wondering why bad things continue to happen? Do you want answers but aren't sure where to go?

"RockPsychic" Chickie has 23 years of experience answering such questions. Currently working with the Spiritual Community Oranum, she is available to teach you the tenets of self-love, faith and why believing in yourself is critical to living a more purpose-driven and beautiful existence. Recently we had a good psychic online chat with "RockPsychic" Chickie, check out an inside look at our chat below:

Why is it we are constantly being challenged with difficult people and situations when life is already an exhausting, frustrating journey?

Why not? The universe is challenging you and your energy! How you combine your energy in your environment is a reflection of how you feel deep down inside.

Is there any way to understand the cause of this "challenging energy?"

The challenging energy we carry with us sometimes comes from our subconscious brain. Sometimes, it comes from our waking attitude toward life. We find the keys in our dreams while sleeping, when our subconscious brains are at play. Sometimes we remember to take those keys with us when we wake up! What we do with those keys will be the theme for our day.

Is there any way to begin to live a better life right now?

No matter what your day presents, keep saying "yes" to all of those encounters and situations. Put your hands up in that roller coaster of life and enjoy the ride! Embrace your challenges with open arms, grow and learn to make today a little easier … and tomorrow remarkable!

What if you're having trouble trusting the people in your life? Is there any way to overcome this? If you trust others freely, how does this benefit you?

Trusting yourself enough to trust others in your environment to show you just what you need today to help you grow will be your perfect opportunity to start with self-mastery. Each time you conquer another challenging opportunity; you grow and develop more confidence, self-love and belief in "God-in-you." We are all masterful in our capability to rise above how we have been programmed to react to our environment.

How do we find happiness?

We must remember happiness does not start with environment - it starts with self. Having the courage to own that responsibility lays way for a strong foundation of self-love and self-confidence. Self-faith and life mastery give you the capability to do anything with your life and have anything you desire.

Interview to be continued…

If you are looking for a friendly voice and guidance to help you through the burning situation, take an insight of your life at another angle, feel free to catch up with "RockPsychic" Chickie anytime.

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