Bell Resources Corporation

Bell Resources Corporation

July 10, 2007 14:07 ET

Bell Extends Copper Mineralization at Sombrero Butte Project

Breccias Indicate Underlying Porphyry Copper System at the Property

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - July 10, 2007) - Bell Resources Corporation (TSX VENTURE:BL) today announced it has continued to extend copper mineralization in conjunction with its most recent diamond drilling at the Sombrero Butte project.

Located in Pinal County, Arizona, Sombrero Butte contains a cluster of copper-bearing breccia pipes, spanning 260 hectares. The intent of the drilling program is to test approximately 20 exposed pipes present across the property. To date, Bell has drilled more than 20 holes testing these breccias.

Drill Results
Audacious SB-15 90 16 36 20 3.07%
including 22 28 6 5.69%
Audacious SB-16 80 0 14 14 1.71%
SB-16 22 46 24 2.12%
including 22 26 4 4.75%
Audacious SB-17 80 0 8 8 3.23%
Audacious SB-18 85 0 12 12 2.32%
SB-18 22 38 16 1.95%
Audacious SB-19 85 20 42 22 2.97%
including 20 24 4 5.91%
including 34 38 4 4.76%
Sunset SB-20 90 4 16 12 2.50%
including 8 12 4 4.03%
Saguaro SB-21 45 no significant intercepts
Victors SB-22 90 no significant intercepts

Complete drill results from the Sombrero project are available at

Drill Results - Audacious Breccia Pipe

Drill holes SB-15 through SB-19 tested the Audacious breccia pipe. Drill hole SB-15 was drilled vertically in a second attempt to intersect the deeper mineralized parts of the Audacious breccia. This drill hole cut 88 metres of breccia, the upper part of which carried moderate to strong oxide copper, including chrysocolla and conichalcite. Drill hole SB-16 tested the breccia at an inclination of 80 degrees in a southeasterly direction, cutting 67 metres of breccia including the intervals reported above in the table. Drill hole SB-17 was drilled at an inclination of 80 degrees in a Due North direction, cutting breccia to a depth of 53 metres, at which point underground workings were encountered and the hole was lost. SB-18 was drilled at an inclination of 85 degrees to the north, resulting in 91 metres of altered breccia carrying strong chrysocolla.

SB-19 was drilled at 85 degrees to the south and encountered 70 metres of sericitic, hematitic breccia with strong chrysocolla and moderate conichalcite as veinlets and matrix. A possible westerly plunge to the Audacious breccia pipe of 15-20 degrees back toward the Sunset breccia may explain relatively short breccia intervals in these drillholes.

Drill Results - Sunset Breccia Pipe

The Sunset breccia was revisited with drill hole SB-20 in order to test the limits of the upper perched chalcocite zone that was found in previous drill holes SB-05, SB-07, and SB-08. SB-20 was drilled vertically from a drill pad located alongside the outcropping Sunset Breccia. Strong disseminated chalcocite hosted by sericitically altered breccia was cut in the drill hole, indicating that this upper chalcocite zone extends at least 10 metres east of the thick zone of 4.74% copper that was drilled previously in drill hole SB-05.

Drill Results - Saguaro Breccia Pipe

The Saguaro breccia, located 200 metres to the north of the previous drill sites, was tested by drill hole SB-21, which was inclined at 45 degrees to the northwest. SB-21 drilled 10 metres of leached and highly fractured breccia before intersecting volcanic wallrocks.

Drill Results - Victors Breccia Pipe

Drill hole SB-22, located 50 metres to the northeast of SB-21, was intended to intersect the Victors breccia. The hole was drilled vertically along the eastern edge of the Victors breccia, but it did not intersect the breccia pipe. When drilling resumes at the Sombrero project, a second attempt will be made to intersect this breccia, which carries bornite and chalcopyrite in a tourmaline matrix in outcrop.

Future Drilling

In order to complete Bell's initial exploration drilling program on the Kabba project, also located in Arizona, diamond drilling operations have been temporarily suspended at the Company's Sombrero Butte project. Upon completion of the five-hole drill program at Kabba, the CS-4000 diamond drill will return to Sombrero to begin testing the suspected deep porphyry roots beneath the well-mineralized breccia pipes. The drill is capable of advancing an NQ-size drill hole to a depth of up to 6,000 feet.

The Company's shallow drilling to date has demonstrated the presence of multiple geological features characteristic of porphyry copper systems, including porphyry dikes carrying disseminated bornite and chalcopyrite, together with pervasive K-feldspar alteration and quartz-chalcopyrite-pyrite stockwork style veins. Deep drilling from the original Magna breccia drill pad will target the hypothetical porphyry copper roots beneath the high grade breccia pipes at Sombrero Butte.

Forward-Looking Statements

This news release may contain forward-looking statements, including those describing Bell's future plans and the expectations of management that a stated result or condition will occur. Any statement addressing future events or conditions necessarily involves inherent risk and uncertainty. Actual results can differ materially from those anticipated by management at the time of writing due to many factors, the majority of which are beyond the control of Bell and its management.

Qualified Person

Sampling was conducted under the direct supervision of Amy Eichenlaub, B.Sc., Project Geologist. Samples are kept in a locked container and are delivered in person to the laboratory by Ms. Eichenlaub. Control samples, including field blanks, copper standards and duplicate splits of core were inserted into the sample stream at an average of one control sample per seven unknowns.

For the purposes of this news release, the Qualified Person is Timothy Marsh, P.E., PhD, the Company's Vice President of Exploration.

Sombrero Butte Project

The Sombrero Butte Project is located in Pinal County, Arizona. The project represents the first consolidation of these claims since they were mined back in 1920. The Sombrero Butte Project constitutes a significant opportunity to quickly delineate high grade copper breccia resources. Early drill results indicate that there should be a transition with depth from the high grade breccia environment to a larger tonnage porphyry copper system.

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