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July 31, 2012 05:01 ET

Belle Rock Entertainment Reveals the Best Tactics for Video Poker

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 31, 2012) - Video poker is not the same as conventional table bound poker. Belle Rock Entertainment points out that more variants are played and different tactics are required in order to succeed. For new players it advisers utilising its range of free video poker games in order to practice until perfect, honing skills and tactics in a safe, secure and money-free environment. It also cautions reckless game players to thoroughly read the rules of each game in advance in order to prevent unnecessary losses and confusion.

Belle Rock Entertainment aims to help new video poker players by revealing the best tactics to succeed at this popular version of online poker.

In the simplest terms, video poker is about getting the minimum hand required for a particular game, such as Jacks or Better. Obviously however, to succeed and make money you need to get a better hand than two pair.

Belle Rock Entertainment uses Jacks or Better as an example to point out its top strategy tactics. This game plays out in a similar way to Five Card Draw, with one major difference: players are allowed to discard all five cards.

Belle Rock Entertainment advises players to discard all five cards if all are low and there are no connectors. If players have any high cards these should be retained, whilst the remaining cards discarded. With the aim being to get jacks or higher, suited cards should also be reserved.

Pairs or runs of three or more should also be kept. Belle Rock Entertainment advises players to go for three of a kind if the pairs are low and aim for a straight, or better still a flush, with three or more sequential cards or suits.

Belle Rock Entertainment recommends players familiarise themselves with the scoring and paytable of each game. A pair of tens of less results in a loss on Jacks or Better. A pair of jacks, queens, kings or aces means players get their money back.

Two pair results in a payout of twice the original bet; three of kind is a three times multiplier; a straight wins four times the original bet and a flush is six times the original bet.

A full house boosts a player's initial bet by nine times whilst four of a kind multiplies by 25, a straight flush by 50 and a royal flush by a massive 80 times the original bet.

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