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July 22, 2005 08:00 ET

Ben Williams From AMD and Andrew Flick and Anthony Lombardo From Infragistics to Be Featured on Let's Talk Computers ®

NASHVILLE, TN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 22, 2005 -- Guests from AMD and Infragistics will appear on radio talk show "Let's Talk Computers." AMD (NYSE: AMD) designs and produces microprocessors, Flash memory devices and system-on-chip solutions for the computer, communications and consumer electronics industries. Infragistics is the world's largest publishers of reusable presentation layer development tools for Microsoft Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Tablet PC, COM and Java R platforms.

With the launch of AMD's Opteron processors there is now a cost effective and painless solution whether it be for platform software, development tools, infrastructure software, database engines, mission-critical applications, scientific and engineering applications and digital media applications.

Infragistics product Managers Andrew Flick and Anthony Lombardo will be discussing the releases of the market-leading presentation layer toolset, NetAdvantage 2005 Volume 2, as well as the release of Infragistics NetAdvantage 2005 Beta 2 for Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2.

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