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March 09, 2012 06:00 ET

Benefits of Ongoing Carpet Cleaning

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 9, 2012) - Carpeting represents a substantial investment for any commercial property, but it seldom meets its full potential. Matting, discolouration and fading due to neglect or improper care often leads to premature and costly replacement. ServiceMaster Clean's ongoing carpet cleaning service can extend the life of your carpet, maintaining its appearance and your office's air of professionalism.


Many businesses only have their carpets cleaned once a year. Infrequent cleaning allows soil to accumulate in the carpet's base, damaging the fibres and giving it a dull and lifeless look. It also emphasizes the unattractive and unprofessional traffic patterns that develop over time.

Our monthly commercial carpet cleaning services stop soil from penetrating the fibre base, preventing excessive wear and maintaining the look of your office's carpet. This type of preventive maintenance means that your carpet will last longer, requiring less frequent replacement.


A clean carpet projects a professional image and helps maintain a healthy working environment. Ongoing carpet cleaning ensures that your business always looks its best. Following the procedures advised by carpet manufacturers, commercial carpet cleaners from ServiceMaster Clean will design a maintenance program tailored to your office's specific needs. Our skilled cleaning specialists use the recommended equipment, products and techniques to maintain the appearance of your carpet and provide an overall professional appearance for your office.


When you invest in ongoing service, your carpet is kept clean constantly, so you don't have to pay for one expensive yearly cleaning after your carpet has already become severely soiled or make a considerable investment in a new carpet. There are no hidden costs associated with the commercial carpet cleaning services from ServiceMaster Clean, eliminating the risk of rising costs between cleanings. Ongoing carpet cleaning means fixed and manageable monthly payments.


  • Maintains carpet's rich colour and texture
  • Extends the life of your carpet
  • Guarantees maintenance costs
  • Diminishes the appearance of wear
  • Promotes a consistent carpet appearance
  • Provides regular spot cleaning service
  • Utilizes carpet manufacturers' recommended products, equipment, and techniques
  • Offers one of the only Green cleaning services in Canada

With 60 years' experience, ServiceMaster Clean is a leader in its field. You can rest assured that you will be 100% satisfied with the services provided by our reliable and professional commercial carpet cleaners. Visit to learn more, today.

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