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August 29, 2011 15:03 ET

Benjamin Enterprises Announces Launch of Managed Services Webinars

MIDDLETOWN, NY--(Marketwire - Aug 29, 2011) - Benjamin Enterprises today announced the launch of a new educational series of Webinars focusing on its Managed Services approach to customer engagement. The series will commence on Wednesday, September 7, 2011.

Commenting on this new initiative, Michelle Benjamin, President and CEO, said, "In the Managed Services business model, the customer outsources as many processes and functions which are not essential to its core competency. In doing so, the customer can redirect key internal resources, achieve operational cost reduction benefits, and better focus on its core competency."

Ms. Benjamin used, as an example, a company that designs and manufactures solar-powered consumer devices. It would define its core competency as product design and manufacturing, not warehousing, facilities maintenance, and security. These are Benjamin Enterprise's core competencies.

"The provision of skilled labor across a number of coordinated functions is an important -- but not sole -- component to the Managed Services engagement," added Ms. Benjamin. "Other equally important components include data gathering, reporting and knowledge management around all the processes involved in the engagement, the provision of required equipment and consumables, effective management of the team, and a single point of responsibility for services across what traditionally were independent 'silos' in the customer infrastructure."

Ms. Benjamin concluded "So, today marks the day when you will no longer see us talk about managed labor service. We will be talking about the more comprehensive structure of the Managed Services engagement."

The series will commence with three specific offerings: An Overview webinar that discusses all aspects of a Managed Services engagement, and two "focus" webinars explaining how Managed Services improve the provision of security and facilities maintenance to the customer.

The Webinars are intended to be a continuing educational opportunity. The schedule for September and October are now available online at the Company's website, under the "Webinar" tab.

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Founded in 1985, Benjamin Enterprises is a leading provider of Managed Services solutions that integrate a broad range of resources, including labor and technology, allowing customers to outsource as many processes and functions which are not essential to its core competency. These solutions reduce operating costs, improve the efficiency of non-core business processes, and enable the customer to redirect key internal resources to optimize its core competency.

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