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July 10, 2007 06:00 ET

Bentley Commerce Acquires Radio Forecast Network and Its $650,000 per Month Advertising Inventory

SARASOTA, FL--(Marketwire - July 10, 2007) - Bentley Commerce Corporation (PINKSHEETS: BLYO) ( announced that it has acquired Radio Forecast Network ( which provides "recorded-live" weather reports to radio stations in exchange for advertising time that has grown to over $650,000 a month.

Radio Forecast Network (RFN), founded by Larry Usner in 2004, is the nation's fastest growing weather service for radio stations. It provides over 40,000 professionally "recorded-live" weather reports that air about 500,000 times each month on 235 radio stations in 39 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands -- all at 100 percent barter.

A great many radio stations have become extremely cost conscious and are reducing their staff of announcers. In exchange for unsold prime time advertising inventory that airs between 6 am and 6 pm that RFN can sell, stations receive weather forecasts that include their call signs, a local sponsor, a weather jingle and the voice over produced by one of RFN's professional announcers. Since weather reports are highly rated, stations can attract cash-paying advertisers to sponsor RFN supplied local forecasts.

"Radio Forecast Network, with its rapid growth and successful business of trading services for unsold advertising inventory, is an ideal acquisition to build Bentley Commerce, whose roots are in the barter industry, into a growing and profitable company," says Bruce Kamm, Bentley's CEO. "We intend to better monetize the earned advertising inventory by using a portion to co-market products and services with others for a cash revenue share of sales."

"Our immediate plan is to dramatically increase our advertising inventory by attracting more radio stations as well as begin a similar service for broadcast television stations," continued Mr. Kamm. "We also expect to provide content beyond local weather reports that may include recorded-live sports, news and stock market micro-cap reports -- all traded for advertising inventory."

RFN averages a net gain of four to five new client stations per month. Mr. Usner, RFN's president, attributes the rapid growth to "its unique combination of bartering its recorded-live forecast services for advertising time on the stations, and its proprietary ManageWX™ software."

With its software, 100 professional announcers and meteorologists provide client radio stations with recorded-live weather feeds specific to their coverage areas, using their call letters, a custom open and close that can include a sponsor, a jingle, and soon for TV stations, graphics -- all at 100 percent barter.

ManageWX™ announcer software allows the meteorologists and forecasters on the RFN team to see, in one screen shot, exactly how each affiliate station wants their weather presented -- the open, the close, the sponsor, the length of the feed, the daypart in which it airs, and, of course, the weather data specific to that station's coverage area. Once recorded, it's uploaded to RFN's website and available for download by the station, either through RFN's partnership with Digital Jukebox and its "Radio Spiders" software and the station's automation system, or manually by a station staff member.

"RFN's proprietary software can enable us to quickly ramp up 10-fold with little additional operational expense and attract a greater share of the approximately 10,000 domestic commercial radio stations," continued Mr. Usner. "This is important because the more stations RFN provides services to, the better the national coverage we can offer to advertisers and the more valuable our media becomes."

Following the acquisition, Bruce Kamm is CEO and Treasurer of Bentley Commerce Corporation, Robert Schumacher is Chairman and Secretary, and Larry Usner is COO and President of Radio Forecast Network. They comprise Bentley Commerce Corporation's Board of Directors.

About Bentley Commerce Corporation:

Bentley Commerce Corporation (PINKSHEETS: BLYO) ( provides barter, trade, media, asset management and alternative capital financial transactions for broadcasters, businesses and barter exchanges to expand liquidity and improve bottom line profitability. Its Radio Forecast Network ( receives about $650,000 a month in unsold advertising it can sell in exchange for delivering and monitoring about 40,000 weather forecasts that air about 500,000 times each month on 235 radio stations in 39 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

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