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May 14, 2008 08:00 ET

Berggi's Revolutionary New Mobile Ad Platform Broadens Reach, Increases Revenue for Mobile Applications

Ads@Berggi Overcomes Limitations of Previous Mobile Ad Offerings, Offering Sophisticated Placement, Opt-In and Behavioral Profiling Capabilities

PALO ALTO, CA and BEIJING and MADRID, SPAIN--(Marketwire - May 14, 2008) - Berggi, a leading mobile applications provider, today announced Ads@Berggi, a groundbreaking advertising platform for mobile applications. Ads@Berggi solves the single biggest problem for mobile applications providers -- monetizing their advertising-driven mobile traffic. The new platform also greatly expands the reach and effectiveness of mobile campaigns by overcoming several major barriers to successful advertising on the "third screen," including advertisement placement, opt-in capabilities and user behavioral profile targeting.

"Prior to the introduction of Ads@Berggi, advertisers have been without a mobile platform that truly allows them to turn their mobile traffic into sizeable advertising revenue. By the same token, no effective solutions existed for advertisers to realize the full benefits offered by the explosive user growth and proliferation of mobile applications. We're taking the first step towards alleviating this pain -- for ourselves and other mobile application providers," said Babur Ozden, CEO of Berggi. "Current mobile advertising platforms severely limit application providers in how ads can be placed, how users interact with ads, and how accurately an ad is matched with the user. Ads@Berggi removes these limitations."

The Ads@Berggi platform offers three unique capabilities that advertisers are demanding:

--  Advertising Placement - previously, mobile advertisers were limited to
    showing advertisements only at the entry and exit points of a mobile
    application. With the Berggi platform, advertisers can select advertisement
    placement anywhere within the mobile application.
--  User Opt-in - Berggi has brought the interactive element of web
    advertising to the mobile phone arena, overcoming previous barriers to a
    high quality mobile user experience. Users can now register or interact
    with advertised products without leaving their mobile application. In
    addition, advertisers have a variety of options for choosing how their
    advertisements interact with users.
--  User Behavioral Profile Targeting - until now, mobile advertisers
    targeted advertisements based on generic or static user profile
    information, and could not target based on audience usage patterns.
    Ads@Berggi takes advantage of highly focused user profiles to improve
    contextual advertisement targeting, which continuously improves as the
    platform follows and learns from user activity.

Ads@Berggi also offers easy-to-use web tools for creating mobile ads, managing mobile ad campaigns, and reporting on the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Successful Beta Program

Ads@Berggi was launched with beta advertising customers in the U.S. and Spain in January. Since then, Berggi has recorded a significant increase in advertising impressions and clicks compared to those measured when Berggi received advertisements delivered by other mobile advertising networks.

A number of popular Berggi applications, like BerggiVideo, and BerggiMail, which now reaches over 3 million users worldwide, are currently deployed on the Ads@Berggi platform. Soon, the company will make its Ads@Berggi advertising platform application programming interfaces (APIs) available to other mobile applications providers so that they can utilize the Ads@Berggi network.


Ads@Berggi is available as a beta service. If you are a mobile advertiser or a mobile applications provider, and would like more information, email

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The company was founded by the mobile industry veteran Jorge Mata and is backed by Spanish investors Group AVANZIT and Adara Ventures. Group AVANZIT (MCE: AVZ) operates in more than 20 countries in media, telecom and IT sectors and through its subsidiary Navento in the localization-based services industry. Based in Madrid, Adara Ventures ( is the leading venture capital firm in Spain.

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