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November 07, 2013 13:30 ET

Berkeley Vapers Called to Action to Oppose E-Cig Usage Ban

Ordinance Would Relegate Vapers to Designated Smoking Areas

TUSTIN, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 7, 2013) -  The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) has issued a "Call to Action" for e-cigarette users in the Berkeley City Council (San Francisco) area to oppose the unjustifiable proposal to ban "vaping" in existing "No Smoking" areas.

The council will meet on the 12th of November at 7 pm, and although the legislation is unlikely to be discussed, the meeting provides users a valuable opportunity to speak before the council. E-cigarettes have the potential to save countless lives across California, and this legislation will only limit their appeal and effectiveness.

The proposed ordinance would place e-cigarette under the same usage restrictions as tobacco cigarettes, preventing use of the devices in all existing "No Smoking" zones. This proposal is shockingly disproportionate, given that numerous pieces of research have shown that the vapor from an e-cigarette poses minimal risk even to the first-hand user. Therefore, any proposition of harm to bystanders is on extremely shaky ground from a scientific perspective. Research on "second-hand" vaping has also confirmed the lack of danger to bystanders.

The only remaining argument in support of the ban is based on the idea that indoor e-cig use would "re-normalize" smoking, but this would only be justified if e-cigs were indistinguishable from tobacco cigarettes. In reality, telling the difference between the two is painfully simple, because many e-cigs don't even resemble the tobacco version and never have the distinctive pungent aroma. The only thing indoor e-cigarette use may "normalize" is quitting smoking through harm reduction.

The proposed ordinance may not be directly discussed by council members at the meeting. However, the meeting at Council Chambers (2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley) on the 12th of November gives e-cig users a chance to speak, as long as they submit a name card prior to the beginning of the meeting. It is due to start at 7 pm, and CASAA urges all e-cigarette users in the area to attend and oppose this needless proposition.

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