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The Best Call Center Software Providers for High Call Volume Businesses, Announced by

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 23, 2014) - Call center software is essential to a modern day call center. Landlines can be costly and inefficient for a call center business. Phone bills can easily rise while hours are spent looking for numbers to call, rather than talking with potential customers. With VoIP software, a call center can cut down on the telephone bills while reaching a much broader audience. Specialists at recently came together to decide on the best call center software providers for businesses with high call volumes. For their list the specialists looked at the software itself, the price, additional features and more:

1) 8x8, Inc.

One of the best call center software providers on the market right now is 8x8, Inc. Their focus on customer satisfaction makes retaining repeat customers almost effortless. The program complies with security guidelines ranging from PCI to HIPAA. The lack of extra hardware needed with their products makes setup extremely cost effective. It's easy to use, works across the world, and is guaranteed to meet all of your call center needs.

2) SafeSoft Solutions

SafeSoft Solutions is another one of the recommended call center software providers. Their predictive dialer is great for reaching a large number of potential customers in a relatively short amount of time. A related plus is this allows you to spend less time hunting down numbers to call and more time pitching sales to prospective customers. There's no initial financial investment -- a free trial can be easily requested.

3) 4PSA

This call center software provider sets up quickly and easily, so you can get to work right away. It also has flexibly and can be used for any size business, while only paying for what you use. If the business grows, users can simply pay for more. 4PSA requires no initial financial investment, so there's no problem if the user is unsure about the program and wants to cancel. Services with 4PSA can also save effort by automatically handling all processes related to a business, including billing.

4) 3C Logic

Like the prior three providers, 3C Logic allows clients to try the program for free before purchasing. Detailed demos, as well as one-on-one demos are available so call center agents can become highly familiar with the software before going live. The key feature of the 3C Logic VoIP software is the data analysis features, which allow you to easily track the trends of your business's clients. The program also allows for scripts to be made for employees to ensure uniform performance throughout the day, every day.

Getting the right call center software can make running a call center business easier, more efficient and more profitable. Any of the call center software providers mentioned can meet and exceed the needs of a business without a prior commitment. Try any of the programs, or even all four, and your needs are sure to be satisfied. Businesses interested in learning more can visit for more information.

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