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January 25, 2011 10:47 ET

Best Rank Generates Buzz With Swarmology's New Social Media Platform

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - January 25, 2011) - In a strategic partnership for two San Diego-based businesses, Best Rank, Inc. and Swarmology Inc. join forces to revolutionize the landscape of social media marketing for the future.

Most social media marketers use channels such as Google Reader and Twitter feeds to track the current trends and find out what and who is creating a buzz. Swarmology takes that very simple concept to the next level. With their advanced software, Swarm Dynamics, they can track the swarm of users that are discussing a topic or a brand, figure out who the major influencers are, and inject new marketing materials at the most valuable moment for clients.

Long before social media, marketers spent time identifying the trendsetters at schools and inviting them to focus groups to help create and grow their products. Swarmology applies that same idea to social media on a much larger scale, identifying all consumers conversing about a specific topic. The platform also measures influence and uses the "Queen Bees" that are responsible for messages' proliferation, and who lead the swarm. Predictive analytics pinpoint the exact moment when implementing new marketing materials will be the most effective. Best Rank, Inc. has partnered with Swarmology to offer this extremely advanced technology to its clientele.

"Best Rank's strategic partnership with Swarmology is proof that we are investing in the growth and popularity of social media marketing well into the future. We believe that social media will play an integral role in online marketing campaigns and Swarmology's unique position in the market will aid in us providing top-notch results and services to our clients," says Matt Walker, CEO of Best Rank, Inc.

"Best Rank, Inc. emphasizes search engine marketing and traffic so the addition of the powerful results tracking technology will allow Swarmology to combine the best of SEO and social media campaigns, thereby optimizing the return for our clients," said Malcolm Bohm, CEO of Swarmology.

Swarmology is still in its early stages, and beta testing in the Health & Wellness market is expected to begin around April 2011.

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