SOURCE: Author Lisa Steadman

Author Lisa Steadman

January 14, 2010 11:40 ET

Best-Selling Author and Relationship Journalist Lisa Steadman Introduces New Book: "If He's Not the One, Who Is?"

After a Breakup, Determine What Went Wrong -- and What It Takes to Find Mr. Right

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - January 14, 2010) - "Is he Mr. Next or Mr. Right?" This is one of the thought-provoking questions posed by best-selling author and sought-after relationship journalist Lisa Steadman in her latest book, "If He's Not the One, Who Is?: What Went Wrong and What It Takes to Find Mr. Right" (Polka Dot Press, January 2010, ISBN-10: 1-60550-358-4, $14.95 US, $17.99 CAN). This book is a sequel to Steadman's previous best seller, "It's a Breakup, Not a Breakdown," which she wrote after enduring a heart wrenching breakup herself five years ago. Steadman writes her new book from the perspective of a woman who is now happily married and busily writing about relationships and teaching other women how to heal their hearts and go from "BooHoo" to "WooHoo," which she does through her articles, blog, teleseminars and YouTube Channel.

In "If He's Not the One, Who Is?" Steadman shares how she vowed to never put herself in the position of crying over the wrong guy again and the steps she took to fall back in love with her life and find relationship success. In the book, Steadman includes exercises and quizzes to assist the reader in learning from her past and getting clear about her life, leading up to the million dollar question: "Is he Mr. Next or Mr. Right?" The book also details common pitfalls women fall prey to in relationships, how to get unstuck, types of men to steer clear of, and practical advice on how to date, all delivered with Steadman's light, humorous style.

"Your chance at love didn't go out the door when your ex did," says Steadman. "I wrote this book to help women reinvent themselves after a breakup and give them the tools to get out there and attract Mr. Next... and eventually Mr. Right."

Reading "If He's Not the One, Who Is?" is like having a group session with a relationship coach because Steadman has incorporated sidebars of relevant questions she asked her savvy female Facebook friends and includes their answers in the "Fearless Female Files."

After getting back out there and dating, Steadman warns against having a scarcity mentality and projecting all of your expectations onto one person. She recommends you ask yourself if the man you are dating meets your needs and if he shares your values and long-term goals. If the answer is no, get out immediately or set a deadline to do so. Steadman also encourages women to understand the difference between "dating disappointment" and heartbreak. "Don't curl up into a ball over a guy you went out with once who never called you again," says Steadman.

Visit and you can access Steadman's video tips and audio guides, a downloadable chapter from "It's A Breakup, Not a Breakdown: The Workbook," and receive a complimentary e-zine subscription to "Lisa Steadman's Guide to Life, Love & Living Out Loud."

"If He's Not The One, Who Is?" is now available on and in bookstores everywhere.

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