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April 03, 2008 14:30 ET

Best of Show Award Winners Named at the Fifteenth International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference

Products Recognized in Five Categories by Vote of Conference Attendees

NEEDHAM, MA--(Marketwire - April 3, 2008) - Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) announces winners from Best of Show - New Product competition held at last week's Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference at the Moscone North Convention Center in San Francisco, CA.

The following winners were selected among 30 contenders within 5 categories who demonstrated new offerings on the show floor. Products were judged by conference attendees through a balloting process.

--  IT/Informatics:
    Ingenuity Systems - Path Designer
    Ingenuity Systems introduces Path Designer Analysis 6, the publishing
    tool within IPA 6 that transforms networks and pathways into
    publication-quality graphics rich with color, customized text,
    biological icons, and organelles. Path Designer's interactive images
    link directly to Ingenuity's knowledge base. This easy-to-use graphics
    package completes the research workflow -- from data analysis to
    publication of results -- within a single software solution.
--  Instrumentation:
    Fluidigm Corporation - BioMark™ Real Time PCR System
    BioMark™ Real Time PCR System -- Bridging the gap between discovery
    and clinically useful biomarkers requires next-generation technology --
    tools that deliver radical new efficiency for the analysis of nucleic
    acids. The BioMark™ Real Time PCR System meets this challenge
    through integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs), which represent a
    fundamental advance in simplicity and throughput over microwell plates.
--  Drug Discovery Tools:
    There was a tie
    Enamine LLC - Pharmacological Diversity Set
    Enamine introduces their new Pharmacological Diversity Set (PDS) which
    is a unique alternative to common Structural Diversity Sets (SDS).
    While SDS was designed to offer maximum diversity based on chemical
    structures alone, PDS has been designed to offer clustered diversity
    sets with biological activity in mind. This unique set was designed by
    evaluating over 3000 pharmacological activities from the literature for
    each compound in our Drug-Like Collection.
    Thermo Scientific/Dharmacon Products - Accell™ siRNA Reagents &
    SMARTvector shRNA Lentiviral
    Accell™ siRNA Reagents delivers knockdown in every cell type tested
    to date, including primary, neuronal, and stem cells, without a
    transfection reagent or viral vector. Accell siRNA has a 2-step
    protocol that requires no optimization, yet provides highly specific
    silencing without non-specific delivery effects that cause toxicity and
    false phenotypes.
    SMARTvector shRNA Lentiviral platform merges multiple design
    innovations that improve silencing functionality and specificity,
    including a novel microRNA-based expression system and specialized
    selection algorithm. Delivered by high-titer lentiviral particles,
    functional long-term knockdown can be achieved in a broad range of cell
--  Molecular Diagnostics
    Decision Biomarkers Inc. - MAX BIOCHIP™
    Decision Biomarkers launches AVANTRA™ biomarker workstation along
    with its innovative MAX BIOCHIP™ 8-plex cytokine immunoassay. The
    system's ease-of-use enables users to generate data in real-time by
    virtually anyone, anywhere in drug development and clinical trials
    accelerating decision making and improving project productivity.
--  Cells and Assays
    Stem Cell Technologies, Inc. - mTeSR™1
    mTeSR™1 is a novel, defined medium designed to maintain human
    embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells in the undifferentiated
    state without the use of feeders. This product provides consistent
    culture conditions for pluripotent stem cells and considerably
    simplifies the process of maintaining these clinically important cells

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