May 30, 2012 14:00 ET Reaches Out to Online Gambling Addicts Provides Support to Players Suffering from Gambling Addiction. A Spokesperson for Recently Pointed Out Its Association With Gamblers Anonymous, A Great Platform for Those Facing This Issue.

NEW YORK, USA--(Marketwire - May 30, 2012) - is known for delivering the latest from the world of online poker sites. Apart from being a great resource for those with the common interest of online poker, the site also offers support and help to gambling addicts. A spokesperson for the site recently pointed out's association with Gamblers Anonymous, a place where men and women facing this issue can gather and help each other.

The only criterion for people to become members of Gamblers Anonymous is their wish to control gambling. No fee is charged for membership. The group supports itself through voluntary contributions and is not affiliated to any organization, sect, institution, politics or denomination. The spokesperson emphasized that Gamblers Anonymous does not endorse or oppose any cause; it only supports people who want to overcome gambling addiction.

Admitting to have a gambling addiction is difficult, but Gamblers Anonymous aims to help people, who have a problem controlling their tendencies and are obsessed with the act. It tries to eliminate the common delusion among compulsive gamblers that they are just like other players, who gamble for fun and recreation. The group has certain principles. Member need to adhere to these in order to keep their addiction under check and to promote a healthy normal life.

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