January 31, 2008 07:16 ET

Beta Launch of -- a Website That Shows People's Dating History

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - January 31, 2008) - announces the beta launch of a new type of social networking site where users can find the dating history of people they would like to date. It is a free site which also includes: People Search of the popular social networking sites; a community where you can get and give relationship advice; and the ability to create accounts for bad daters, and recommend date-worthy friends. It is a "Dating Networking" website. is the first Dating Networking site that not only allows users to write date reviews, but draws on the community of users to help each other find the perfect relationship.

About The CEO

If you could find out the dating history of someone before you go out with them by going to a website, would you go to the site? Cristian YoungMiller, the founder of, is hoping you will.

In 2006 Cristian YoungMiller was a single guy trying to convince the woman he liked to go out with him, when he came up with a revolutionary idea, "Why isn't there a place online where people could log dating references? It could be character references that extol a person's date-ability."

"My hope is that the great guys and girls, that might otherwise get overlooked, end up getting more dates on the recommendation of their friends," Cristian says. "At the heart of the site is acceptance and tolerance. I believe that if we're all honest, we all have things that we believe might make us unlovable. But the truth is that if we were all open about ourselves, we would find someone else thinking the same thing about the same issue. That person is more likely our true love." And finding their true love is what Cristian hopes will happen to all of the users at User Quotes:

"I checked the site out and think it's SUCH A GREAT IDEA!!!! I love that you can input an email, and see if there's history of good versus bad 'behavior.'

"Thank you again for sharing with me!!"

-- Cee

"That's freaking brilliant. You know I'll use it on every guy I meet.

"Kiss, kiss, kiss!!!"

-- Martine

"...this is a GREAT idea. I'm wondering if I can use this for my comedy routine."

-- Abby Ovitsky

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