Seventh-day Adventist Church (British Columbia Conference)

Seventh-day Adventist Church (British Columbia Conference)

December 08, 2006 15:59 ET

Better to give.... AND unconditionally

Local Church Gives Away $70,000 as church members accept “Kingdom Assignment” challenge

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December 7, 2006

Local Church Gives Away $70,000 as church members accept "Kingdom Assignment" challenge

ALDERGROVE, BC - How do you make $3000 turn into $70,000 in three month's time? How do you inspire ordinary people-mechanics, teachers, housewives, and high school students-to dream up ways of making a big difference for people around them, starting with a simple one hundred dollar bill?

For the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Aldergrove BC, the answer can be summed up in three simple words: "The Kingdom Assignment." Based on the popular book of the same name by author Denny Bellesi, the Kingdom Assignment is a simple concept: church members are challenged, individually or as small groups, to accept $100 as seed money, find a need, and make their $100 grow into an act of kindness that will help meet that need.

On September 9, 2006, David Jamieson, lead pastor of the 550-member church, presented the challenge to his parishioners. Not knowing what kind of a response to expect, church staff had prepared 25 one hundred dollar bills in advance of the service, an allocation from the church's ongoing community outreach organization, Acts of Kindness. Additional seed money was quickly sought out when 30 individuals, inspired by the benevolent concept, came forward to accept the challenge.

Those who did not choose to participate on this day were not left out. A second challenge was put forward the following week for individuals to commit to selling a treasured possession, with the proceeds to be donated to one of the projects from the first challenge. Another 50 individuals came forward. A third challenge the following week resulted in 120 people committing to dedicate at least 90 minutes of their time in some form of volunteer service to the community.

On December 9, exactly three months from the original call, all participants, as well as many recipients of the projects, will come together in a special program to share stories of their Kingdom Assignment adventures.

"These past three months have been a time of great excitement in our church," says David Jamieson, lead pastor and originator of the call to participate. "Each week since the challenge went out, we've heard inspiring accounts of how God has taken small efforts and turned them into amazing results that have touched many lives."

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One such story is that of a young husband and wife who committed to selling a treasure in support of one of the projects. Needing to downgrade to a single car to save on expenses, the couple had been advertising their second car for quite awhile with little to no interest shown. Upon hearing the second Kingdom Assignment challenge, they were struck by the idea that someone else might benefit more than they would from the sale of their car. Together one night, the couple made a pact that the proceeds of their car's sale would be donated to a Kingdom Assignment project. The very next day a call came in from someone who, never having seen the car, requested they hold it until he could deliver the asking price the following day. Shortly thereafter, the couple received word from their landlords that their rent was being lowered; over the course of a year, the decrease in rent would more than make up for the money they had just committed to the project.

To date, monies in excess of $70,000 have been raised for numerous community-based projects which include but are not limited to the following: buying musical instruments for children of an inner-city after school tutoring program, distributing coats to Aldergrove-area schoolchildren and residents of Vancouver's downtown eastside, providing assistance to several Fraser Valley-area new mothers in need of materials and financial support, over $21,000 was raised through a 24-hour Soccer Marathon, called Kick Cancer For Emily, to assist a family with expenses related to their two-year-old daughter's treatment for leukemia, providing needed supplies for women's transition homes in Langley and Aldergrove, raising funds for the Langley Memorial Hospital's pediatric ward, and more. Other selected causes have an international focus. One project aims to provide funds for the building of an airstrip in a remote area of Guyana for the provision of medical treatment, while another raised money to buy medical supplies for a medical clinic in Nepal.

The means for raising funds are as varied as the causes: concerts, silent auctions, a banquet, yard sales, an organic produce sale, and a 24-hour soccer marathon, just to name a few. All in all, it has been an adventure that this church will not soon forget.

"It's an awe-inspiring endeavor to be a part of," says Jamieson. "We're thrilled to see how the vision has caught on in the community and continues to grow. We welcome anyone interested in attending our December 9 event to come and share with us in amazing stories of how ordinary people have been able to make a difference in the world around them, through accepting the Kingdom Assignment challenges."

The Aldergrove Seventh-day Adventist Church is located at 26245-28th Avenue. The Kingdom Assignment celebration program begins at 11:00 am. All are welcome.


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