April 01, 2013 22:05 ET

BetterBills Offers an Amazing Way to Beat the April 1st Rise in Private Health Insurance Premiums

The team behind BetterBills knows how hard it is to find affordable health care, which is why they offer the easiest and most cost effective way to compare health insurance premiums from all the major funds. With health insurance premiums set to increase an average of 5.6% on April 1st, BetterBills is offering to split all commissions 50/50 with each of their customers. This incredible offer is the only way Australians can get paid while finding the cheapest health insurance premium.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwire - April 1, 2013) - BetterBills has earned a reputation in the health care industry as a company that cares more about offering a useful service than making money off of their customers. To offer the most choices, BetterBills uses an innovative comparison tool that provides a variety of criteria that are used to find the most affordable private health insurance premiums.

"Consumers can take control and move to a fund that is more attractive," said Tim Andrew, founder and CEO of BetterBills, "The opportunity to compare and get a better deal with the same benefits is ready for the taking."

Each year the major health funds apply to the Australian Minister for Health for the right to increase their rates to match rising costs. With health funds increasing at an average of 5.6% this year BetterBills believes that it has never been more important for young Australians and families to take control of their finances and find a cheaper insurance provider. Over the last 5 years alone insurance has increased 5.06% in 2012, 5.56% in 2011, 5.78% in 2010, 6.02% in 2009 and 4.99% in 2008. BetterBills has recognized the trend in increasing health insurance and offers their service year round so that their customers always have the opportunity to combat higher costs.

Unlike any of their competitors, BetterBills proudly offers the ability to earn money back while saving on health insurance premiums. They offer a complete 50/50 split of all commissions they earn from the health insurance providers, giving cash back to the customers who use their unique comparison tool.

BetterBills believes that people should be informed about how much their provider's rates are increasing so that they can make an informed decision about whether or not to switch. Here are the price increases set to occur today with each major health insurer:

  • Lysaght Peoplecare Limited 6.81%
  • Transport Health Pty Limited 6.77%
  • NIB Health Funds Limited 6.5%
  • Latrobe Health Services Limited 6.21%
  • Medibank Private Limited 6.2%
  • ACA Health Benefits Fund Limited 5.89%
  • BUPA Australia Pty Limited 5.8%
  • Pty Limited 5.76%
  • Mildura District Hospital Fund Limited 5.75%
  • The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia Limited 5.74%
  • Cessnock District Health Benefits Fund Limited 5.55%
  • National Health Benefits Australia Pty Limited 5.54%
  • Phoenix Health Fund Limited 5.47%
  • Australian Unity Health Limited 5.23%
  • GMHBA Limited 5.23%
  • Navy Health Limited 4.8%
  • CUA Health Limited 4.62%
  • CBHS Health Fund Limited 4.59%
  • Queensland Country Health Fund Limited 4.59%
  • Queensland Teachers' Union Health Fund Limited 4.5%
  • Health Insurance Fund of Australia Limited 4.47%
  • Reserve Bank Health Society Limited 4.31%
  • Railway & Transport Health Fund Limited 4.29%
  • Teachers Federation Health Limited 4.1%
  • Police Health Limited 4.09%
  • Defence Health Limited 4.02%
  • St Luke's Medical & Hospital Benefits Association Limited 3.96%
  • Health Care Insurance Limited 3.95%
  • Healthguard Health Benefits Fund Limited 3.86%
  • The Doctors' Health Fund Pty Limited 3.78%
  • HBF Health Limited 3.75%
  • Westfund Limited 3.48%
  • Health Partners Limited 3.4%
  • Grand United Corporate Health Limited 3.23%

ABOUT BETTERBILLS is Australia's first independent online comparison web site that pays consumers to compare private health insurance and energy. offers Australian residents in all parts of the country a fairer and more transparent online comparison service. Visit for more information and to start saving on your private health insurance, energy and other costs.

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