December 16, 2009 08:00 ET

BEW Global Assists PMRS, Inc. With ISO 27001 Certification

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - December 16, 2009) - BEW Global, an ISO 27001 Associate Consultant (ACP) with British Management Systems USA (BSI), today announced their client, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research Services, Inc. (PMRS) has obtained ISO 27001 certification.

"Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research Services, Inc. recognizes the need for comprehensive controls to increase information security and integrity for our employees, partners and customers," said Ed Thompson, President and CEO of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research Services, Inc. (PMRS) "Our corporate philosophy of striving for increased quality, reduced risk and continuous process improvement all pointed toward seeking and achieving ISO 27001 certification."

In addition to these philosophies, the desire to drive industry expectations and ethics, as well as increase client confidence in the marketplace contributed to the commitment from PMRS senior management to pursue ISO 27001 certification. All of these factors carried significant weight and led to PMRS considering ISO 27001 as an important next step in the company's on-going plan to intelligently position PMRS as a marketplace leader.

PMRS evaluated BEW Global as a potential partner to assist in the ISO 27001 certification effort and decided that BEW Global's expertise made them the best fit for what can be a complicated process. BEW Global was retained by PMRS in March 2008 to perform an initial Gap Analysis in order to baseline the amount of time and resources needed to obtain ISO 27001 certification. After reviewing the results, PMRS hired BEW Global to assist with the certification project commencing in February 2009.

"PMRS selected BEW Global due to their extensive experience working with the ISO 27001 series of standards," said Drew Kirby, IT Project Manager. "We needed a firm that not only understood the standard and the certification process, but also had a clear understanding of quality management and knew how to help our company integrate controls which would reduce risk, as well as drive operational efficiencies. BEW Global was the only firm that offered ISO 27001 consulting services in conjunction with ancillary solutions including security assessments and technology integration."

Providing guidance in the ISO 27001 certification process and Information Security Management System (ISMS) design, the two teams worked in tandem to complete the Stage 2 certification audit in October 2009, receiving zero non-conformities. As a result, PMRS was awarded ISO 27001 certification.

"We are very pleased to make this announcement with the PMRS management team," said Robert Eggebrecht, Senior Partner and CEO of BEW Global. "The team at PMRS truly understands the value of quality management and continuous improvement, and the underlying importance of developing and operating an ISMS. In concert, our team worked alongside the staff at PMRS to develop an ISMS that was cost effective, manageable and provided both risk reduction and operational efficiency. BEW Global's expertise allowed PMRS to gain certification in a shorter period of time and at a great cost savings to the company."

About Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Research Services, Inc. -- Since 1994, PMRS has provided world-class pharmaceutical services to some of the biggest names in the industry. Our cGMP manufacturing and analytical services are provided from early clinical development to commercial production. Our streamlined processes facilitate timely production of the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost. With our emphasis on quality and new technologies, we have distinguished ourselves as the industry leader in contract manufacturing and research services. The products and clients we work with are very diverse. We have expertise in various tablet, capsule, liquid, and cream manufacturing processes. Our domestic and global clients range in sizes from the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world to virtual companies. PMRS Analytical and Microbiological Services include method development and validation, raw material ordering and testing, in-process testing, batch release, stability testing, microbiological testing, and residual detection analysis. The professional and responsive staff at PMRS has a track record of success and is committed to developing long term relationships with clients by providing timely, value added services to exceed customer satisfaction.

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