November 13, 2013 14:27 ET

Beyond Social Media: Eng-Clicks Ushers in the Next Generation of Web Networking

Collaborative portal integrates social media functions with critical business tools

LONDON, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 13, 2013) - The Eng-Clicks web portal took another step ahead of classic social networking sites this week with the integration of Solgenia Freedoc and Social Spaces into its solution. As CEO Marin Vratonjic explains, "Freedoc is a complete content management solution. It lets you collect, manage and distribute documents all from one place."

Freedoc features five gigabytes of storage space for Eng-Clicks' Platinum users, which can be increased if desired. An Eng-Clicks Freedoc Social Space is accessible to anyone by invitation. Explains Vratonjic, "Social Spaces is part of Freedoc. So while only a Platinum user can 'own' a Social Space, that user can post documents for clients, customers and employees to view and edit in that space. There is no limit on how many people a Freedoc user can invite into a Social Space, so it is a tremendously valuable feature."

For iLightech Canada President Jean-Claude Chartrand, Eng-Clicks had an almost immediate impact, allowing him to digitize his collaboration with foreign business associates. Explains Chartrand, "Among other things, our company is a distributor of light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. Many of the LED manufacturers that we do business with are based in China. Audio and video conferencing is vital to our overseas relationships. Eng-Clicks has given us an affordable, high-quality web-conferencing tool - Solgenia Weblive."

In addition, Solgenia Freedoc has added a whole new dimension to Chartrand's business relationship with his Chinese suppliers. "We used to rely on fax and email for document exchange, but the technology was not always reliable. Detail was lost using fax, and email attachments often had to be compressed. We had access to advanced communication tools, but they were never all in one place. Eng-Clicks gives us everything we need - reliable, affordable software that is easy to access. File sharing is instant. We can communicate using clear audio and sharp video. Eng-Clicks has created a virtual bridge between my business here in Canada and Asia, 10,000 kilometers away."

Through Eng-Clicks, Chartrand was also able to tap into the manufacturing business expertise of fellow members in related fields, who advised him on Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification and obtaining a patent for a device he invented. The portal "has opened up a lot of doors," he notes.

So is Eng-Clicks just another social media hub, fighting for space in a crowded market?

"In the early stages of development," recalls Marin Vratonjic, "people wondered if Eng-Clicks was just another Facebook clone, but the two are not comparable at all. This is 'value-added social media' - networking and sharing designed with the unique needs of engineering and technical professionals in mind. Eng-Clicks professionals aren't just using the portal to communicate…they are using it to collaborate. Sure, there is a social element to it - people want that. But Eng-Clicks is aiming to revolutionize engineering and technical professions in a way that classic social media is not designed to."

For Vratonjic and his team, the conferencing and document sharing tools have proven critical to their own operational needs.

"We can offer these features fully confident that they will be as useful to other professionals as they are to us. They have made so many things easier."

Visit the Eng-Clicks portal for more information and to create your profile. The Eng-Clicks team is offering a limited number of Freedoc trial memberships. Email information@cb-fg.com for details.

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