February 18, 2014 10:46 ET

Beyond the Buzzword

Game Change: PHD's Latest Book Looks at the Application of Game Mechanics as a Business Model for the Future

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Feb. 18, 2014) - PHD, a global media and communications agency has released a new book entitled, "Game Change". The book explores how "gamification" can be harnessed and applied as a business model for the future.

An estimated one billion people spend at least one hour every day playing computer and video games. Why is it that people put more effort into these games than their day jobs or personal relationships?

Businesses need to consider that 7 billion hours by 1 billion gamers is what's up for grabs in the "Engagement Economy". It's argued that if businesses can harness even a fraction of the sort of engagement witnessed in gaming, the rewards will be incalculable.

PHD Canada has experienced first-hand how the application of game mechanics to business can achieve unprecedented levels of engagement, collaboration and creativity. PHD has evolved the agency's global planning system, Source, into the largest enterprise gaming system, involving more than 1,750 staff in over 70 countries playing and collaborating on a leaderboard during every work day.

Fred Forster, CEO PHD Canada comments: "Source has injected a gaming element into the way teams tackle daily business challenges, empowering them to realise their true potential. It's fuelling collaboration with global counterparts-engagement-along with a core element of gaming: fun."

Forster continues: "The reaction of clients and staff alike has been remarkable. With Source, clients have access to collaborative, collective, creative thinking, and it inspires staff to rise to any challenge. One of our brightest minds has been leading the charge globally-tackling real time business challenges, while being rewarded through the art of gamification."

"Game Change" is co-authored by game designer Jane McGonigcal and PHD's worldwide strategy and planning director, Mark Holden. Jane points out that innovative systems like Source empowers employees to gamefully tackle daily challenges that excite and interest them most, helping them to realise their strengths, which in turn creates significant improvements in employee engagement and output.

Successful examples of "gamification" in practise are further explored in "Game Change" including Nike+, Guinness and Heineken.

All proceeds from Game Change will go towards unicef.

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