May 09, 2013 14:11 ET

BHiveLab Launches EpicPepper™ Recipe Management Solution

New Platform Aims to Help Brands Maximize Mobile-Social Recipe-Sharing

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwired - May 9, 2013) - BHiveLab, a leading emerging marketing technology innovation lab, announced today the launch of EpicPepper, a recipe marketing and management solution designed to help brand managers, retailers, and publishers in the food industry maximize their recipe marketing efforts. The platform is flexible, providing an easy-to-use content management and social recipe distribution system.

"Recipe marketing is becoming a crowded space, but there is still a lot of room for growth," said Shaun Quigley, a BHiveLab marketing and technology strategist. "Working with clients in the food category during the past few years to develop recipe marketing strategies and supporting technology, we know there is a need for a simpler and more cost effective solution than the platforms available today. We believe EpicPepper meets that need."

Google reports processing more than 10 million recipe searches per day, which represents more than 1 percent of all daily searches. The EpicPepper platform allows recipe content to be easily distributed across all digital channels, including the critical and growing mobile and social channels. According to Quigley, "As content marketing continues to grow, marketers and publishers in particular are challenged to find the resources needed to manage consumer-generated recipe content. EpicPepper gives them a way to enable and easily manage this type of content."

John Roden, BHiveLab chief technology officer adds, "We've done a lot of custom recipe work for major food brands. We have applied what we have learned from that work to our approach for EpicPepper. Unlike the platform we built, many of the existing legacy solutions on the market aren't built for flexibility and aren't always quick to add important features like the latest social media and mobile platform integrations." The EpicPepper platform was built for easy integration with every major social platform currently available, and it is mobile ready. Additionally, the platform was designed so that new integrations could be added very quickly -- which right now is at a rate faster than any other available platform.

"Our longer-term goal for EpicPepper is for it to become a best-in-class consumer platform too," said Quigley. "We're using some of the technology that BHiveLab has developed -- including NFC, augmented reality, and speech recognition -- in our consumer platform, which we are scheduled to release in early 2014."

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