September 27, 2017 09:00 ET

Biba Announces PLAYScore, a Proprietary Index to Classify and Compare Playgrounds Across the World

PLAYScore is calculated from a multiplicity of factors to quantify the value of a playground to the community based on "playability"

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - Sep 27, 2017) -  Biba, a Vancouver-based startup leading the smart playground movement to decrease screen time and get kids outside, today announces Biba PLAYScore at the 2017 NRPA Annual Conference. PLAYScore, a proprietary index that compares and classifies playgrounds across the world, provides a unique metric to quantify the value of a city's playground to the community based on its accommodations for active play.

PLAYScore serves as a numerical representation, calculated through a variety of independently weighted datasets to generate a comparative rating for each playground. Data includes the raw size of playground spaces in the city, playground size percentage relevant to the region, accessibility by foot and vehicle and regional population density. These metrics are then cross-referenced against third-party resources like weather, crime levels, census, demography and most importantly, exclusive data collected only from Biba's mobile games and augmented reality (AR) technology. Biba then generates a rating that lets park owners know how their playgrounds are faring, as well as how they compare to other cities of a similar profile.

Through Biba's suite of AR-enhanced mobile games, stagnant playgrounds are brought to life with a collection of markers that attach to playground equipment. The markers unlock new content within the app when scanned on the parent's smartphone. Using COPPA compliant data gathered from these markers, PLAYScore calculates how active children are on the playground, playground equipment being used and playground conditions.

"We're proud to take our data to the next level with Biba PLAYScore and believe it will serve as a wonderful resource for parents and the community," said Matt Toner, CEO of Biba. "In the future, we plan to collaborate with municipal parks, playground owners and national research institutions to refine and enhance the accuracy of our score. Our ultimate goal is to provide a score that helps parents choose the best playground for their children, and provides an opportunity to play harder and smarter."

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Founded in 2014, Biba Inc. is turning playgrounds across North America and beyond into smart playgrounds that re-engage parents and children through its augmented reality games and mobile apps. Cities and jurisdictions from all over benefit from Biba, as it uses the smartphones found in every parents' pocket or purse to unlock new and exciting games every time a family visits the playground. Biba games also have a second mission - to address the problem of youth sedentariness and screen-fixation and turn healthy gameplay. Research has shown that Biba games help kids play longer, harder and more often, resulting in much better habits and health outcomes.

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