October 22, 2012 07:00 ET

BIC Graphic and Fostering Innovation With Digital Imprinted Pens

JACKSON, TN--(Marketwire - Oct 22, 2012) - a leader in providing promotional pens from top brands like Bic, Papermate, Pentel, Sharpie and more has fully adopted the high tech high definition four color imprint process for their new BIC line of digital pens. This digital process is revolutionizing the logo pen industry.

The digital four color process (4CP) allows for full color high quality graphics on the product. The high digital imprinting process combined with 4-color capabilities make these promotional pens stand out. This innovation creates a lasting impression for the consumer. The 360 degree imprint process allows for full length of the barrel graphics. The process creates photo quality images for the first time on promotional products like these.

BIC Digital pens also feature Easy-Glide System ink, exclusive technology delivering 50% smoother and bolder ink than other ballpoints, and guaranteed not to smear. This is a welcome innovation for promo pens.

The customer is able to find all the classic BIC pen styles in the new 4CP line. Pens like the classic Widebody, Clic Stic, REVO pen and more. There is even an option for a digital imprint BIC Pencil.

While the prices for this high definition process might be more expensive, the quality and first impression of the graphic capability of the product far make up for the increased cost. Cost is measured by the success of the promotional campaign. If higher quality products bring better awareness then the added cost is justified. A limited marketing strategy only weakens the total effort. Maximizing the reach and visibility is the end goal for any company.

Gary Austin, the owner and CEO of, says, "These pens are making the promotional pen industry come alive with excitement. The beauty of these products cannot be matched by any other imprint process. Our hope is to grow this digital process to make the promotional product industry vibrant and create products that stand out."

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