September 14, 2009 17:06 ET Is Turning the Online Auction World Upside Down

Every Bid on BidZone Reduces the Cost of the Item!

RICHMOND, VA--(Marketwire - September 14, 2009) - There's a new shopping destination online, and it is literally turning online auctions upside down. opens up prices at the already lowest discounted prices found online. From here, every bid reduces the cost of the item until a bidder decides the product price is too good to pass up and makes the purchase.

As a result, with, the buying bidder will be the one who pays the lowest price. offers hundreds of products for visitors, in a wide range of product categories. Those interested in a product pay only 50 cents to view the current low price at that exact time. They can then choose to buy it or pass on the savings -- either way their full 50 cents goes towards reducing the product's price. The next bidder will find the price to be 50 cents less, and so on until a bidder decides to click on the 'Buy Now' button and make the purchase. Bidders can see that the starting auction price is always the lowest discounted price available online. BidZone has termed it: 'Collective Buying Power.'

"Whenever you make a bid with the big boys of online auction sites, your bid raises the price. The highest bidder takes home the product. BidZone changes all that. is an online auction destination with a difference: The winning bidder will be the one who pays the lowest. was created to bring the power of collective buying to consumers directly online, saving customers time, money & membership fees compared to traditional shopping," says BidZone CEO Joel Skretvedt.

BidZone, which makes its official debut Tuesday, September 15, is making a limited time offer to first-time visitors providing five free bids. To receive the five free bids, first time visitors must enter the promotional code "free5" during registration when logging on to

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