Big Rock Brewery Income Trust

Big Rock Brewery Income Trust


July 03, 2009 14:39 ET

Big Rock Lime Light Lager an Unprecedented Success

Seasonal summer brew forces Canadian craft brewer to increase production and delivery over night.

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - July 3, 2009) - Big Rock Brewery Income Trust (TSX:BR.UN) - Every once in a while a trend catches on that sends people flocking. This year that trend is Lime. Big Rock crafted their first Lime brew and when it caught on in markets across the country they had to adapt quickly by increasing both production and delivery schedules to meet the unprecedented demand for their summer seasonal brew - Big Rock Lime Light Lager.

The beer was launched on June 19th and Big Rock set a one day record for beer sales. Within hours of the launch Big Rock maximized their delivery capacity and had to quickly revise their delivery plans to handle the demand. They temporarily added 5 more trucks to their fleet and even recruited local staff members to help get the beer out to their deserving customers.

June 19th was a busy day for Big Rock and it was only compounded when, due to this significant demand, phone lines reached capacity and collapsed from the number of customers calling to order this new beer for their respective bars and liquor stores. Additional phone lines have been permanently added to meet the demand increases.

This experience has been a galvanizing moment for the brewery as it has reminded us that we are still a small and agile company that has all employees pitching in to solve a challenge. We have caught up to the demand due to hard work and having Big Rock employees (from all departments) pitch in to help personally deliver the beer. Production schedules have now been revised to accommodate the tremendous demand.

Bill McKenzie, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the brewery says, "We knew we had a great beer on our hands when we first tasted it, we just didn't realize the demand was going to be as quick and powerful as it was. But we are happy to put in the extra work to make sure everyone can enjoy Big Rock Lime this summer."

About Big Rock Lime Light Lager - Big Rock is proud to offer a fresh, premium light lager that has just a hint of lime. This is the perfect pairing to the flood of summer activities that Canadians will embrace. Big Rock lime contains 4% alcohol by volume and is available in glass bottles, cans and draft. The light, citrusy flavour of this lager will pair well with obvious choices like spicy, grilled meats and vegetables, and Mexican favourites like cheesy quesadillas and guacamole.

Incidentally, Big Rock recently completed installation of their new pilot brewery, which will provide the brewing team even more creative latitude and result in some unique, colourful brews. Big Rock Lime Lager is one of many upcoming handcrafted seasonal offerings to come.

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Big Rock Brewery - headquartered in Calgary, Alberta - produces premium, all-natural craft beers. As Canada's leading craft brewer, Big Rock boasts a family of ten exceptional ales and lagers, Rock Creek dry apple cider, as well as an ongoing selection of seasonal beers. Big Rock products are sold in eight provinces and three territories in Canada, and oddly enough, are also available in Korea. For more information on Big Rock Brewery, visit

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