October 22, 2009 13:27 ET

BigFix Enables Enterprise-Scale Microsoft Windows 7 Migration Programs

Asset Discovery and Inventory Key Factors to Migration Success -- Know What You Have Before Upgrading It

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News Facts

-- As companies and governments make plans for enterprise-wide migrations to Microsoft Windows 7, BigFix, Inc. recommends that customers perform a thorough hardware and software asset discovery and inventory to prepare for the upgrade.

-- From a hardware perspective, IT departments need to know which computers are "Windows 7 ready," which require upgrades or replacement, and which should stay on previous Windows versions.

-- On the software side, organizations need to know which machines run applications that may not be compatible with Windows 7. Here, the choice may be to upgrade these applications, provision them to run in XP mode, or put off Windows 7 migration for those assets until compatible versions become available.

-- Software inventories can also provide valuable information on application usage patterns and licensing contract compliance. The adoption of a new OS provides a key opportunity to evaluate other IT expenditures such as software licenses. Information discovered here can help avoid disputes with vendors and even cut licensing costs through more productive deployment of expensive applications, or better balancing of software supply with actual end-user demand.

How BigFix Can Help

-- BigFix sets up organizations for Windows 7 migration success. BigFix offers extensive asset discovery and inventory, software update, and software license management through the BigFix Unified Management platform.

-- BigFix helps organizations measure and complete their Windows 7 migrations. BigFix offers real-time asset visibility and policy enforcement, speeding their execution and producing accurate results.

-- BigFix offers cost-effective scalability, securing and managing from 100s to 100,000s of distributed endpoint computers whether physical or virtual, fixed or mobile.

-- BigFix also delivers answers to virtually unlimited questions about an environment -- in minutes -- allowing organizations to quickly gain control over their Windows 7 migration.

Background and Context

-- Industry analyst reviews and early adopter experiences with Windows 7 suggest a rapid enterprise-wide adoption of this platform.

-- As with any large-scale migration to new technology, enterprise users seek to avoid costly execution errors that can potentially disrupt service availability or cost overruns.

-- BigFix Security and Systems Management solutions support Windows 7.

Supporting Quotes

Amrit Williams, BigFix CTO, commented, "We're providing our customers the technology, tools, and expertise to realize the full benefits of migrating to Windows 7. Enabling a successful migration strategy in a timely fashion while minimizing conflicts and unexpected disasters will help our customers meet their OS migration plans and ultimately cut the overall costs of adopting and managing Windows 7."

Information Resources

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-- "Leverage BigFix Visibility, Control and Elegance to Eliminate Uncertainty form Software Asset Management," white paper,

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