August 25, 2009 08:00 ET

BigFix Partners With InstallFree to Unify Distributed Endpoint and Virtual Application Security and System Management

Combined Solution Will Deliver Two-Factor Discovery and Single-Pane Visibility to Control Physical and Virtual Assets, Improving IT Security and Compliance

EMERYVILLE, CA and STAMFORD, CT--(Marketwire - August 25, 2009) -

News Facts

-- BigFix, Inc. and InstallFree have established a technology partnership to integrate BigFix's distributed endpoint security and management solutions with InstallFree's application virtualization platform.

-- BigFix is recognized as the emerging leader in consolidating security and system management services for enterprise-scale distributed IT infrastructures.

-- InstallFree is recognized for evolving application virtualization technology through a single focus, three-year development of its hybrid approach.

-- Virtualized applications are free from the OS and linked to both user and client workstation for improved IT management of application services.

-- The two companies share a vision of single-pane-of-glass visibility and control of entire enterprise infrastructures and resources -- virtualized, physical, datacenter, distributed or cloud.

Background and Context

-- Virtualization -- the ability to break the 1:1 linkage binding computers and applications running on them -- is taking the IT world by storm as enterprises discover the compelling economic advantages of virtualized delivery of applications and associated services to end users.

-- Even as virtualization accelerates, the number and kinds of computers -- desktop, laptop, netbook, handheld, smartphone, etc. -- accessing virtualized resources continues to grow rapidly.

-- IT organizations increasingly recognize that virtualization IT strategies can eliminate the need to maintain separate asset discovery, security and management processes in distributed environments. The value proposition of virtualization is to improve the distributed computing environment and allow central management for physical and virtual IT assets.

-- The BigFix and InstallFree technology partnership addresses the compelling need for enterprises to unify management of the physical and virtual worlds to improve IT quality and service and maintain security and compliance standards.

Combined Technology Benefits

-- Configuration Policy Orchestration -- reduces number of packages and package complexity by moving configuration from the package to targeting policies.

-- Dynamic Binding -- dynamically links applications and dependencies (Java, .Net) at run time eliminating complexity of scripting and overhead for virtual applications.

-- Usability -- shell integration with Windows OS allows seamless transparency between virtual and physical applications. Users will not know whether the application is virtual or physical because all major usability functions such as right click and launching physical resources work the same for InstallFree virtual applications and physically installed applications.

-- Visibility for Compliance -- complete visibility into virtual application distribution and usage to ensure compliance with licensing, security and regulatory directives.

Supporting Quotes

Amrit Williams, BigFix chief technology officer (CTO), said: "The big thing to remember about virtualization is that even as it becomes a mainstream paradigm for application and service delivery, physical infrastructure itself is not going away. If anything, the number and diversity of endpoints requiring management will expand at accelerating rates in parallel with the shift to virtualization. There's a crisis coming here -- a great divide between tools and processes used to manage end-user client infrastructures and virtualized resource delivery platforms. The BigFix-InstallFree partnership is the best way for the industry to transcend this crisis and place physical and virtualized resources under a common security, management, visibility and compliance umbrella."

Yori Gabay, InstallFree chief executive officer (CEO), said: "The InstallFree and BigFix partnership addresses an absolutely critical issue for IT services: How to integrate and manage virtual and physical assets without duplicating efforts and multiplying complexity across systems. The InstallFree and BigFix relationship is especially synergistic because BigFix's technology architecture is uniquely positioned to take full advantage of InstallFree's virtualization technology and manage the InstallFree Bridge to efficiently deliver virtual application components across the network. Combining InstallFree with BigFix provides IT Administrators a single view to discover, manage and audit both physical and virtual applications, which means secure asset management. We are very excited to partner with BigFix, and look forward to bringing the integrated solution to market."

Barb Goldworm, president and chief analyst, FOCUS, said: "Distributed desktop management continues to be a major challenge for IT organizations, and while virtualization offers many benefits it also raises additional challenges which must be addressed for large-scale success. Integrating the capabilities of InstallFree application virtualization into the comprehensive management capabilities of BigFix will allow IT to reap the benefits of virtual applications (e.g., application conflict avoidance), while having the detailed visibility into those applications for effective asset management, change management, security and compliance."

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