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September 17, 2008 14:03 ET

BIGresearch: Obama Supporters More Likely to Drive a Foreign Car Than McCain Backers

Undecided Voters Favor Fords and Chevys

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - September 17, 2008) - The next time you see a bumper sticker in support of either McCain or Obama, check to see the make of car. If the sticker is in support of McCain, it's more likely to be on a domestic brand, according to BIGresearch's ( September Consumer Intentions and Actions (CIA) Survey of 8,167 participants. Obama stickers are more likely to pop up on imports than McCain decals.

BIGresearch analyzed McCain and Obama voters and 68% of McCain voters report driving American brands most often, compared to 54% of Obama voters. 36.6% of Obama voters say they drive Japanese brands versus 26.7% of McCain supporters. 1 in 10 (9.4%) of those who plan to vote for Obama drive European cars, while 5.3% of McCain voters say the same. However, 8.2% of McCain and Obama supporters report driving a Honda.

McCain stickers are more likely to be on a Chevy or a Ford since those are the top two nameplates for McCain supporters. Potential Obama voters prefer Fords #1, although at a lesser extent than McCain backers, and Toyota ranks #2. Ford tops the list among the all-important undecided voters, followed by Chevrolet.

What is the make of the car, truck or SUV you drive most often?
(Top 4 Brands)

                 All          Vote            Vote          Vote
               Adults      for McCain      for Obama      Undecided
Chevrolet       13.8%         16.6%           11.1%         14.4%
Ford            13.4%         13.5%           11.9%         14.8%
Toyota           9.2%          9.0%           11.3%          6.7%
Honda            8.2%          8.2%            8.2%          8.6%

Source: BIGresearch, Sep 08 CIA

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When it comes to the type of vehicle driven most often, the top three choices for Obama voters are cars (62.5%), SUVs (14.9%) and trucks (8.3%). The order of the top three remains the same for McCain voters with cars (52.9%) topping the list. However, they are more likely to drive #2 SUVs (19.1%) and #3 trucks (14.2%) at a higher rate.

When it comes to fueling their vehicles, Obama voters are feeling the pinch at the pump more than McCain supporters. 22.6% of McCain voters say fluctuating gas prices have had no major impact on their spending, compared to 14.7% of Obama voters who say the same. Because of fluctuating gas prices, Obama voters are driving less than McCain voters (58.1% v. 53.3%) and dining out less (54.6% v. 49.2%). Obama supporters are more pessimistic on the future price of gas as 38% say it will increase, while 24.8% of McCain backers think so.

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