November 20, 2012 05:00 ET

BigTime Inks 2 Year Media Strategy Deal With a Premium Brand

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 20, 2012) - BigTime, a leading boutique provider of mobile marketing, announced today that it has won a 2-year contract with the premium olive oil brand Olvium (

BigTime will design, manage and implement end-to-end the Media Strategy of Olvium consisting of all media forms.

Olvium's media strategy powered by BigTime, will be deployed in a phased-approach roll out plan, starting with the US, Hong Kong and South Europe.

Dimitris Papazisis, CEO of BigTime said, "This is a very serious responsibility that we are undertaking. Olvium is a premium olive oil brand that has been growing exponentially in the gourmet vertical, which means that it relies on the efficiency of its media strategy. The fact that Olvium trusts BigTime to design and execute its media strategy is something that raises the importance of our new task. BigTime has the capacity and capability to deliver a top-notch media strategy covering all media forms. Our know-how level around all media forms derives from the professionals who consist BigTime and the numerous years of experience. We are very confident that we will successfully deliver Olvium the appropriate audiences reach as well as the desirable outcomes.

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BigTime is a leading mobile marketing boutique firm, providing innovative 'mobile marketing' products and services. BigTime is a global provider of innovative mobile marketing products and services. It creates entertaining and involving campaigns for mobile network operators and media groups; stimulating the dialogue between the user and the mobile carrier. BigTime campaigns attract more subscribers, generate revenue and promote loyalty to network operators. The generation of detailed usage data that BigTime produce helps operators to accurately quantify the effects of their mobile marketing campaigns and profile their customers. The result is users who get more out of their mobile phones - and operators who feel more in tune with their subscribers. Comprising top-notch industry professionals with the experience and insight required to devise mobile marketing programs that make a difference, BigTime supports mobile operators throughout the marketing lifecycle - from program design through implementation to campaign analysis

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