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Big Time Entertainment Group Ltd


June 08, 2015 10:00 ET

BigTime & Pinnatta Launch Global Partnership

BigTime to Accelerate the Global Growth of Pinnatta in Diverse Geographies


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The London based leading and awarded mobile marketing firm BigTime and the San Francisco based and world's first interactive messenger Pinnatta have today announced their global partnership targeting diverse markets.

Throughout the first quarter of the year, both companies have successfully managed to integrate their business platforms under a unprecedented chemistry, resulting to a unique offering in the global market.

Combining the most successful Mobile Marketing boutique Firm & Mobile Payments aggregator (BigTime) with the world's first interactive messenger (Pinnatta) will create a whole new hype in the global market as the offering consists of all the core capabilities of the two companies that totally compliment each other. The vast mobile marketing experience and know-how across all channels (USSD, SMS, MMS, Social Media, WAP, WEB) and marketing language engineering, text optimization and content evaluation that BigTime brings on the table along with the first ever interactive messenger that gives life to any kind of message by unique and fun interactive audio visual content using the most advanced gamification and recommendation engine & techniques that Pinnatta brings on the table, the two companies are poised to become the new hype offering for mobile carriers in advanced markets or highly emerging ones such as the US, South Africa, Central & South America, Middle East, Europe and the Pacific.

"In the last 6 months BigTime has managed to re-invent itself in many ways through its new products, services, geographical footprint and of course thought its strategic partnerships. Frankly speaking, we have become extremely selective when it comes to strategic partnerships. What we have been looking for was to create a unique value offering in the market that would fill-in the gap that most mobile carriers, media groups and brands have. The global market is not lacking creativity and certainly it has not run out of smart ideas. But the problem is that the potential customers (mobile carriers, media groups, brands) cannot find all the creative smart ideas in one offering or company but always in two or three different companies. Today we feel confident that we have closed this gap by launching our strategic global partnership with Pinnatta. The Pinnatta team demonstrates one of the highest quality of human material that I have personally seen in the market and a smart team of execs that has driven the company in the driver's seat when it comes to interaction, content and user engagement techniques. From the other hand the BigTime team that consists of top-notch industry professionals and mobile aficionados has literally a perfect fit with the Pinnatta team. As a matter of fact the chemistry is so strong that the integration of the two business platforms between BigTime and Pinnatta happened in no time and in the most seamless way," said Dimitris Papazisis, CEO of BigTime.

About BigTime

BigTime is a global provider of innovative mobile marketing products and services as well as mobile payments aggregator. It is a niche company that creates entertaining and engaging content that has been proven to create more revenue, attract more subscribers and promote loyalty to mobile carriers. Its marketing language engineering and text optimization and creative copy writing department positions the company among the most innovative and creative ones with tremendous revenue growth.

About Pinnatta

Pinnatta is the world's first interactive messenger that allows people to explore hundreds of customizable messages available for every occasion. From birthdays, holidays and anniversaries to everyday "hellos" and "mornings". Invite your friends out for a movie, send get well wishes, wish congratulations, say you're sorry, or show that special someone just how much you love them. Select the Pinnatta you like, personalize it by adding your own text, voice or photo and send. Make your friends smile today.

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