Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia

Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia

May 15, 2008 13:42 ET

Bill 42 Suppresses Any and All Voices Opposed to the BC Government

The Limits Imposed by Election Amendment Act, 2008 will Chill Free Speech at a Critically Important Time

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor VANCOUVER/BRITISH COLUMBIA/NEWS RELEASE --(Marketwire - May 15, 2008) -

Add the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia (TLABC) to the growing number of groups outraged by BC Government Bill 42, which will unjustly curtail free speech when it comes to third-party pre-election advertising in this province.

"Bill 42 is shameful," says TLABC president Stephen Frame. "Its effects will be severely harmful to citizens and organizations in need of exercising their right to free speech. Freedom of expression is supposed to be fundamental throughout our country. It is also fundamentally important when it is comes to issues of concern to individuals and society as a whole."

TLABC joins the call sounded yesterday by the BC Civil Liberties Association, which demands that the BC Government remove the advertising restrictions contained within Bill 42. "Our association also praises the BC Federation of Labour and the many unions working together to prevent Bill 42 from becoming legislation," confirms Mr. Frame. "Their advertising efforts, as demonstrated in today's papers, would not be permitted if the next election was four months away rather than one year from now. But that is what will happen if Bill 42 becomes law," Mr. Frame asserts.

"Our members are already deeply concerned about planned changes to the rules of civil court that will unjustly limit the rights of citizens and unfairly deny them access to the courthouses of British Columbia," Mr. Frame concludes. "As lawyers, we stand up for individuals. We want our province's elected officials to do the same."

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