SOURCE: Bill Montgomery

August 16, 2010 04:33 ET

Bill Montgomery Takes on the Controversial Issue of Senate Bill 1070, Claims Enforcement Can Save Lives and Rebuild Arizona

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - August 16, 2010) - It's made national and international news, been the cause of boycotts by musicians and caused heated debates over civil rights: Senate Bill 1070. Yet, many firmly believe it's an important tool in Arizona's battle against illegal immigration.

"The cost to medicate, educate and incarcerate illegal immigrants is nearly equal to that of our federal budget deficit," explains conservative Republican Bill Montgomery, who's running for Maricopa County Attorney in the August 24, 2010, primary election. "Our state is being driven into the ground because of our federal government's failure to enforce immigration laws. The lawsuit against Arizona represents the federal government punishing a state for filling in the gaps."

In a climate where Americans are growing increasingly frustrated with the federal government's involvement in some areas -- the stimulus package, bailouts, healthcare reform -- but its refusal to act on illegal immigration, Montgomery fully supports SB 1070 and its full and fair enforcement. "Our government is turning a deaf ear and a blind eye toward our problems," he says. "While SB 1070 is not a panacea for illegal immigration, it is one of several tools at our disposal."

Montgomery believes that those who oppose SB 1070 -- such as his political opponent, Republican Rick Romley -- may simply be uninformed. "Maricopa is a destination county for human and drug smuggling, stolen vehicles used to smuggle people and drugs, kidnapping, extortion, violence and gangs of rival smuggling groups," he says. "People shouldn't assume that law enforcement agencies are predisposed to trample on the Constitution or engage in racial profiling when enforcing SB 1070. We can and must enforce it without resorting to race baiting and gutter politics."

His reasoning is simple: crime affects everyone and living in safe neighborhoods should be a reality for all residents of Maricopa County. This is just one change Montgomery pledges to the voters of Maricopa County. Having dedicated his personal and professional life to serving others -- as a West Point graduate, Gulf War veteran, professional prosecutor and Deputy County Attorney -- he has the battle-tested, real-world experience necessary to serve the citizens of Maricopa County.

"SB 1070 should be a defining issue for Arizona, not a dividing one," concludes Montgomery. "I believe it will go before the Supreme Court, and while it may need to be fine-tuned, at the core, nothing is wrong with it. It passes Constitutional muster."

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