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February 10, 2011 11:35 ET

BilltoMobile Demonstrates How to Extend the Reach of the GSMA OneAPI Billing Capability to the Majority of the U.S. Marketplace

BilltoMobile's Payment Gateway Demonstrates Charging for Digital Goods to Mobile Phone Bills in Conjunction With the GSMA's OneAPI Gateway in North America

BARCELONA, SPAIN--(Marketwire - February 10, 2011) - BilltoMobile™, the premier provider of mobile payments for online purchases in the United States, announced that it has been selected by the GSMA as a demonstration partner to showcase how mobile payments can be made in the United States via the GSMA's OneAPI Gateway. The demonstration at the GSMA Mobile World Congress this week will illustrate how the BilltoMobile payment gateway can be connected to the GSMA OneAPI Gateway, allowing online merchant sites and developers to enable mobile payments to 65 per cent of all U.S. wireless subscribers.

BilltoMobile's robust, secure payment gateway is directly connected to the top two U.S. carriers' billing, authentication and customer care systems. Purchases take only seconds to complete, require no pre-registration or special hardware, and have no association with credit or bank cards. Purchases appear directly on the subscriber's wireless bill, with no interest charges or subscriber fees of any kind.

The GSMA will be featuring live demonstrations of BilltoMobile/GSMA OneAPI web purchases in Hall 7 at the GSMA Apps Garage stand (7APG) and during other events at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Feb. 14 - 17. The demonstrations will include a mobile website for the Canadian band Metric, which is playing at the Mobile World Congress Party and Awards Celebration, that allows fans to listen to Metric tracks online and then purchase them with just a few clicks -- with the purchases being added to the subscriber's bill.

"We're very pleased to be working with BilltoMobile to demonstrate how we can expand the reach of the GSMA OneAPI Gateway to include mobile payment capabilities throughout North America," said Graham Trickey, Senior Director at the GSMA. "BilltoMobile's low-cost, robust and secure mobile payment gateway has allowed us to extend the reach of the GSMA OneAPI payment service and to enable the services that people really want in a clear, simple and secure way."

BilltoMobile launched the United States' first Direct Mobile Billing (DMB) service for Verizon Wireless' subscribers in May 2010, attracting a number of prominent online game companies, and a wide range of digital goods and services merchants that offer the BilltoMobile payment option on their web sites. In October 2010, BilltoMobile launched its same proprietary DMB service in partnership with AT&T. Today, BilltoMobile is the only mobile payments company in the U.S. with direct-to-carrier billing agreements with two top U.S. carriers -- reaching over 180 million U.S. mobile payment-capable subscribers.

Denise Archer, VP Carrier Partnerships, BilltoMobile, said, "We are very proud to be part of the GSMA OneAPI initiative, supporting the organization in reaching its ease-of-access goals, and demonstrating how quickly and easily we can expand the reach of the current GSMA OneAPI Gateway to offer mobile payments to their merchants in the United States."

With the unique features of BilltoMobile's DMB service, U.S. consumers enjoy the security and convenience of mobile payments for their web purchases, while BilltoMobile online merchants and reseller partners enjoy significantly lower "merchant fees," to-the-penny settlement process, low refund/chargeback rates, robust real-time back office tools and dynamic pricing, allowing for complete flexibility in per item and subscription pricing without pre-setting price points.

San Jose-based BilltoMobile is a privately held U.S. company that is providing Direct Mobile Billing to carriers in North America. BilltoMobile's strategic partner, Danal Co., Ltd (Seoul, So. Korea), has integrated its groundbreaking, financial-grade Direct Mobile Billing service with 14 carriers in Korea, Taiwan and China and is the undisputed leader in e-commerce mobile payment purchases worldwide.

About BilltoMobile™
BilltoMobile is the premier provider of mobile payments for e-commerce purchases in the U.S., and the only mobile payments company that has integrated its payment gateway directly with the top two U.S. carriers' billing platforms. With a growing list of carriers, direct merchants and resellers moving to adopt the company's "mobile payments 2.0" approach, BilltoMobile is emerging as the North American leader in mobile payments for direct-to-carrier billing. In 2010, BilltoMobile went live and began offering mobile payments to Verizon Wireless and AT&T subscribers via its proprietary Direct Mobile Billing (DMB) service -- a convenient, secure financial-grade payment service that directly connects to these carriers' billing systems and dramatically improves upon long-standing mobile payment roadblocks to major eCommerce merchant adoption. BilltoMobile enables mobile payments for online digital goods and services from any browser, and the service is currently available to over 65% of all U.S. wireless subscribers -- via a fast growing list of prominent digital goods and services merchants. BilltoMobile is a privately-held U.S. company headquartered in San Jose, California. Its strategic investor and majority shareholder, Danal Co., Ltd (Seoul, South Korea), pioneered DMB technology, and has integrated DMB with14 mobile carriers in Korea, Taiwan and China. Danal leads the e-commerce mobile payment segment globally, having processed an unmatched $4 billion in eCommerce mobile payments with its 10,000+ online merchant partners since the company launched with its first mobile carrier partner in Korea in 2000. For more information, please visit

The GSMA OneAPI Gateway was first announced during the 2010 Mobile World Congress and currently provides a fully-commercial single point of access for developers to use the GSMA OneAPI with any of the three major Canadian operators (Bell, Rogers and TELUS). The GSMA OneAPI provides lightweight, web-friendly Open Network APIs that enable developers to create innovative apps that utilize mobile services like messaging, location and mobile billing. Applications can be written once but used across many mobile networks to reach more users. Mobile operators already have commercial relationships with their 4.5 billion customers worldwide and OneAPI now allows developers and enterprises to access these established commercial relationships to help grow the user base for revenue-earning applications.

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