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September 12, 2008 02:01 ET

Bingo Site Finds Smoking Loopholes

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwire - Sept. 12, 2008) - BingoTimes.com (www.BingoTimes.com) the independent online bingo comparison site, have entered into the smoking ban debate to help bingo halls losing business because of the ban.

Research carried out by BingoTimes.com found that if bingo halls doubled as prisons, hospices, parks or theatres, players would be free to smoke.

The research was prompted by a survey of its site visitors whereby a staggering 75% noted that their local halls were quieter since the ban. Holly Emblem, editor of BingoTimes.com, observed; "we were shocked by our survey results, so much so we researched the ban and sought out loopholes to help players and bingo halls." BingoTimes.com have outlined their ban loophole hit list, which players can use if they wish to 'dodge' the ban in their bingo halls. The hit list is as follows:

1. Residential Bingo

Players can smoke in their local bingo hall; provided it also acts as a prison or hospice. If halls squeezed in a prison cell, or even provided health care, then players could legally smoke.

2. Performance Bingo

The ban states that performers can smoke if it affects "artistic integrity" and is integral to the performance, so, players should convince their local bingo halls to put on all singing, all smoking productions of Oliver.

3. Green Bingo

While the UK hasn't seen much sun this year, the ban only applies to "premises which have a ceiling or a roof", why not play bingo in the park? BingoTimes.com reckon there is definitely a future for this eco-friendly game, so watch out for bingo in your local park.

4. Smoke Bingo

The ban states that tobacconists can by-pass the ban if customers are sampling their tobacco. If bingo halls started selling tobacco, then players could 'sample' their wares while they play.

5. Bingo Mad

Finally, BingoTimes.com recommend players should turn their bingo halls into mental health units, as if enough players were diagnosed as needing care then the hall would stay open and players could smoke! When asked how they're feeling, players should definitely reply; "bingo mad".

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