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March 25, 2011 14:00 ET

Bio-Solutions Corp: 3.9 Billion CFA ($8.5 Million USD) From Luxembourg to Develop Farming in Burkina Faso

MONTRÉAL, CANADA--(Marketwire - March 25, 2011) - Bio-Solutions Corp (OTCBB:BISU) is proud to announce that representatives of the company will be making application to the local governments of Burkina Faso to sell NutraAnimal™, our organic livestock feed.

On March 12, 2011 in local Burkina Faso Agriculture News; Luxembourg awarded a $ 3.9 billion CFA (approx $8.5 Million USD) to Burkina Faso. This project is to support development of livestock in our country, stated the Ministry of Animal Resources of Burkina Faso. 

"The Livestock herds in Burkina Faso, are quite extensive. However Zebu (humped cattle) and cattle herds have adapted to survive difficult conditions, with low fertility. Milk production is limited and thus slows growth." Stated Gilles Chaumillon, CEO and President of Bio-Solutions Corp. 

This project offers a hand to promote the breeding of local cattle, more productive and adaptable to a more intensive farming culture, and secondly, a rehabilitation and rational management of pastures nearby.

NutraAnimal™ is an innovative milled supplement composed of active ingredients of organic marine source. This product represents a natural alternative used as a growth promoter. Its benefits: Preliminary results have shown that by supplementing the chicken's diet with NutraAnimal™, feed conversion rate was improved by up to 10% with a chicken weight increase of 7%, while decreasing the mortality by more than 50%.

Based on the NutraAnimal™ biological platform, development activities will target improved formulation for Turkey, Ducks, Swine and Cattle. These activities will be pursued in collaboration with distribution partners, at the local government levels.

The capabilities of local farmers/local operatives and also the Ministry of Animal Resources and Research Institute, will thus be strengthened, "said Burkina Faso Minister of Livestock, Mr. Sekou Ba. 

The main lines of cooperation between Luxembourg and Burkina Faso are defined in the Indicative Cooperation Programme (ICP) signed between the two governments for period 2008-2012. 

"This will put, Bio, at the doorstep of the local Governments to sell NutraAnimal™, our organic livestock feed." stated Gilles Chaumillon.

"2010 was a tough year for Bio-Solutions Corp. As we were making extensive progress in the Republic Democratic of Congo, there was a major government change. All of our negotiations ceased, RDC was to be our Beta facility, for GREENEX™. GREENEX™ is an organic insecticide available in solid or liquid form which neutralizes and eradicates up to 98% of the mosquito larvae, within only a 24 hours period.

With this recent initiative, the combined government livestock program has put Bio-Solutions Corp, back at the local government negotiations once again. As I have previously stated, 2011, is the year of major change for Bio-Solutions Corp" Says Gilles Chaumillon

Burkina annually imports more than $10 billion CFA francs of dairy products. To solve this paradox in a country of mainly farmers, the Burkinese government has initiated projects to increase milk production and to increase herd sizes. "This all start with higher nutrition and lower mortality" stated Dr Chaumillon.

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