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May 05, 2011 15:00 ET

Bio-Solutions Corp. in Negotiation of Distribution Agreement for NutraAnimal™ in Brazilian Market

MONTREAL, CANADA--(Marketwire - May 5, 2011) - Bio-Solutions Corp. (OTCBB:BISU), announces negotiation of a distribution agreement with a local company in the city of Curitiba Brazil, 416 miles SW, of Rio De Janeiro. "At this time negotiations are at the infancy stage, therefore not much detail, is available. As Brazil is in one of the largest producers of poultry in the world, representing over 12% of the world chicken market. This potential agreement, will represent a major step for Bio-Solution in the feed market" indicates CEO Dr. Gilles Chaumillon. The Brazilian poultry market itself represents potential multi-million dollars in revenues for Bio-Solutions Corp, at maturation. "As soon as we get the Scope of the distribution agreement terms, we will make it available to the public." Stated Dr. Chaumillon.

NutraAnimal™ is an active Organic dietary supplement which improves the livestock's anti-oxidant defence system and decreases oxidative stress, allowing for more sustainable growth (Bio-Solutions Corp. specifically focuses on chicken feed distributors). This product, NutraAnimal can also be used as supplement for large animal to achieve the same benefits. With present experiments being conducted, Bio-Solutions Corp will be able to evaluate the advantages and the increase in output that the product may possibly offer. "With previous favourable results, NutraAnimal™ will offer Bio-solution's Corp. a colossal market opportunity in large markets, such as Brazil. Stated Dr. Chaumillion.

NutraAnimal™ is an innovative milled supplement composed of active ingredients of organic marine source. This product represents a natural alternative used as a growth promoter. Preliminary results have shown that by supplementing the chicken's diet with NutraAnimal™ feed conversion rate was improved by up to 10% with a chicken weight increase of 7%, most importantly decreasing mortality by over 50%.

Bio-Solutions Corp. is a biotechnology company specializing in veterinary care and organic dietary supplements for livestock. Bio-Solutions Corp. prime objective, is to improve the yield in the chain of livestock production based on added value natural products. This approach will accelerate the transfer of innovation towards the market and will allow our company to profit at a faster pace than other companies in the same field. In addition Bio-Solutions Corp. (OTCBB:BISU), markets new and very effective organic products to counter Malaria; our lead product is GREENEX™. Malaria is the forefront of priorities for the World Health Organization. GREENEX™ is an organic insecticide available in solid or liquid form which neutralizes and eradicates up to 98% of the mosquito larvae, within only a 24 hours period.

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