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August 14, 2008 18:29 ET

Biocap By Blairlab Is the Revolutionary Way to Achieve Younger Skin

From Guinness Book to How You Look: A Chili-Head's Meteoric Rise to the Top Helps Discover the New You

HIGHLANDS, NJ--(Marketwire - August 14, 2008) - Biocap By Blairlab commemorates a year of undeniable customer satisfaction, and groundbreaking positioning as the only skin care treatment that unleashes the powerful healing energy of the world's hottest natural ingredient -- capsaicin.

Biocap has been shown to reduce wrinkles and smooth skin around the face and other problem areas for complexions of any type. Customers around the globe have been marveling at the product's effectiveness, prompting another go around of international media acclaim since its debut in 2007. The most recent issue of Marie Claire magazine in Taiwan covers the product's effectiveness, and touts of Biocap's revolution in natural skin care. Additional Biocap stories have also appeared in the NY Post and on Fox News.

But it's more than a global phenomenon -- it's a fact. Recently, ABC News reported on the healing effects of capsaicin. The report confirmed the natural substance's ability to relieve arthritis pain and discomfort when injected into certain joints. Blairlab founder, Blair Lazar, was not surprised at the news piece, as his work in the field of capsaicin research was essentially confirming the same results. Says Lazar about the piece, "The healing properties of capsaicin were something I had heard of in my searches far and wide for the hottest substances on the planet. But it wasn't until I discovered it myself that I truly learned of its power." The real question is why was Lazar working with capsaicin, and how did he create Biocap?

Blair Lazar is widely known in the food business as the creator of the popular Blair's Death Sauce, a product that took the hot sauce industry and essentially turned it on its head upon its release in 1989. Its immediate retail success, and groundbreaking sales were soon to become legendary, as was the man who created it. Death Sauce, with its well-merchandised product line, and subsequent consumer accolades not only put Lazar on the map as the king of all chili-heads, but enabled him to experiment with some of the hottest ingredients known to man. As a result of this flexibility, the Death Sauce line grew tremendously over the years, and spawned a cottage industry into itself -- uniting collectors who are willing to pay top dollar for limited edition sauces called Blair's Reserves, a product that The Guinness Book Of World Records has authenticated as "World's Hottest."

This distinct award in the business of hot has yet to be eclipsed, and its notation has left Lazar standing alone at the top of capsaicin integrated food system-mountain. But as of late, it's another mountain Lazar has climbed, and it's the Everest of all his entrepreneurial endeavors he has taken on yet. "Tackling skin care was the furthest thing from my mind," says Lazar about the well-documented happy accident in the kitchen that got him thinking about cosmetics. For the uneducated: it was a serendipitous capsaicin splash to the face while creating a new hot sauce that has changed the beauty market forever. What Lazar uncovered was that the natural substance that makes chili peppers hot, also acts as a vasodilator and collagen-building agent. This translates to healthy, glowing, and smooth skin from a natural substance.

After this discovery, and many years of research, with the most talented scientists in cosmetics, Lazar birthed the Biocap and Biocap XS line, which harnesses the power of capsaicin without the burn. Along with the natural effects of capsaicin, Biocap is rich in antioxidants in order to eliminate the harmful effects of free radicals. The hype of Biocap is nothing compared to the truth that is Biocap's results. Social a-listers and everyday fountain of youth seekers are turning their backs on expensive and harmful face peels and treatments because of the real results yielded using Biocap.

It's simple; if someone wants smoother, cleaner, brighter, and softer skin then they need to embrace Biocap. The research, along with the commitment of customers around the world, firmly places Biocap in the lead amongst a field of pretenders.

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