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BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc.

January 04, 2010 10:04 ET

BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc. CEO New Year Corporate Update

SANTA ANA, CA--(Marketwire - January 4, 2010) - BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: BEHL) today announced the following corporate updates for Shareholders and Investors.

Santa Ana, California Corporate HQ Location

After numerous attempts to purchase the property in San Juan Capistrano, it became evident the Institutional owners of the property had their own agenda which was contrary to our need and requirements.

The City of Huntington Beach, our first relocation choice, provided an unprecedented number of additional roadblocks to our goals which made it impossible for BEHL to accomplish our goals in the necessary timelines. Unfortunately, considerable time and expenses were allocated which did not achieve the desired results.

BioCentric has moved into our new HQ location comprising of 6400 sq ft of administrative and laboratory space at: 2400 South Garnsey Street, 2nd Floor, in Santa Ana, California. Ground preparations have been completed for the next generation of 6000 sq ft of the BioCentric Algae Pro-Photobioreactor onsite. Additional areas are also in the process of being prepped for R & D of the next generation Algae Pro Photobioreactors.

Death Valley Junction, California

The average temperature at this location in mid-summer is in the region of 115 degrees, surface temperature can and does reach above 140 degrees. It is these factual statistics that, up until now, have provided the roadblock to build our Algae Pro Photobioreactor in Death Valley Junction. Engineering has devised a simplistic approach to provide a low-cost cooling solution -- and on completion of the schematics, a beta unit will be built in Death Valley Junction to further test this solution.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Management is meeting with the decision makers in Las Vegas this week and will announce any progress achieved. The primary issue at this point is the client's ability to deliver the necessary funding as per the agreement negotiated.

RWE, Georgetown, South Carolina

By the end of January 2010, the BEHL Team will be returning to South Carolina to assist the RWE Team in building an acre of the BioCentric Algae Pro Photobioreactor to fulfill the first in-house purchase order of Omega 3. This collaboration is anticipated to be the first of many as the people of RWE have shown a tremendous knowledge base that will benefit BEHL now and into the future.

Lone Star College, Woodlands, Texas

NAA President Barry Cohen has arranged for Lone Star College to provide land, water, and electricity for a test unit of the BioCentric Algae Pro Photobioreactor to be assembled at the College. Once operational, the Photobioreactor will go through a series of verifications to quantify and ascertain exact results which, at the third level of testing, will be independently managed by a third party for unbiased results. Upon completion, the Algae Pro Photobioreactor will have certification published from the National Algae Association.

BEHL advancing to OTCBB

BioCentric CFO Frank Rawson has narrowed the field of SEC Auditors down to three, in the coming weeks BEHL will formally announce the selection of this crucial element in completing our Form 10 to uplist to OTCBB. His target date for completion is February 15th. BioCentric SEC Attorney Kristin Cano has begun the process of completing the Form 10 registration. Ms. Cano's target date for completion is February 20th. Additionally Tom Cleveland has been contracted to author the updated Business Plan for BEHL. The target date for the updated Business Plan completion is February 5th.

Delivery Schedule

As of today, the defined timeline has been agreed upon by both our contracted vendors and in-house personnel:

1) One innoculant "Wall Photobioreactor" is scheduled to be completed by the third week in January; this Photobioreactor will generate sufficient mass to seed the 6000 sq ft in Santa Ana

2) 1200 (sufficient for 4 acres) -- 180 degree "corners" will be shipped to BEHL by the end of this month (the funds for this purchase have already been placed in escrow for delivery)

3) The specialty designed gasket and clamp have been designed and will be shipped to BEHL by the end of this month (the funds for this purchase have already been placed in escrow for delivery)

4) The first mile + of custom tubing will arrive by the third week of this month (the funds for this purchase have already been placed in escrow for delivery)

5) The sensors for the Photobioreactor in Santa Ana are in-house

6) The newly designed harvesting solution will be delivered to Santa Ana by the end of the month (the funds for this purchase have already been placed in escrow for delivery)

7) The anticipated completion build date for the 6000 sq ft in Santa Ana is for the second week in February

8) The company website is being presently updated; anticipated completion date is January 25th.

Projected Sources of Revenue for 2010

1) 18 "Desktop" Continuous Flow Photobioreactors in year 1

2) 24 "Wall Unit" Photobioreactors in year 1

3) 36 "Culturing Systems" in Year 1

4) 20 Acres of Algae Pro Photobioreactors in year 1

5) Management Contract for 20 Acres of Algae Pro Photobioreactors in year 1

6) Commission for the sale of production of 20 Acres of Algae Pro Photobioreactors in year 1

Solutions 28

The final re-write has been completed and the campaign for our international presence is currently being finalized for execution. This helping hand to prosperity for the recipients of our 10-acre algae farming solution can be replicated throughout the world. The quality and quantities can be managed remotely through a satellite link and jobs and high value product can be generated to profit.

Executive Vice President

Monique Barry, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, has accepted the additional responsibilities as the Executive Vice President of BioCentric Energy. Ms. Barry's attributes and talented grasp of our mission, and the path in which to succeed, make her the perfect candidate.

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