November 07, 2005 09:00 ET

BioFoundry® Announces BioAPI+

SOMERSET, NJ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 7, 2005 -- BioFoundry®, a division of OSS Nokalva, Inc., announced today the availability of BioAPI+.

In the classic BioAPI architecture, the BioAPI Application, BioAPI Framework and BioAPI BSPs share the same process. The BioFoundry® BioAPI+ product, a full implementation of the BioAPI specification, provides additional functionality by allowing BioAPI Applications to control BSPs loaded in a separate process.

BioFoundry® BioAPI+ can be used as a replacement for the BioAPI Framework, without any additional changes required to the BioAPI Application. BioAPI+ provides several benefits:

--  Reliability: By shielding the Application in a separate process, any
    harm from badly behaved BSPs will affect only the BSPs’ own processes.
--  Data Security: By shielding the BSP memory space from the Application
    via process boundaries, the overall security of the biometric data is
--  Security: Applications and BSPs may now run in different security
    contexts, having different access privileges to system resources. Direct
    access to files and other system resources managed by the biometric engine
    can be denied.
--  Administration and Manageability: Different administrative roles can
    be used to manage Applications and BSPs.
BioFoundry® BioAPI+ provides components for tunneling the BioAPI calls between the client process, in which the BioAPI Application runs, and the server process, in which the BSP runs. On the client side, the BioAPI Application communicates via the standard BioAPI interface with a Framework Stub library. On the server side, the BSPs are managed by a Framework Servant executable. The communication between the Stub and the Servant is carried via RPC over TCP/IP.

In order to have BioAPI+ serve multiple Applications simultaneously, multiple Servants must be started on the server side. This is achieved by an additional BioAPI+ component -- the Starter. The Starter is a service running on the server side, which accepts new connections from Applications and launches one Servant for each new Application. After a Servant is started, it communicates with its peer Application (via the Stub) directly. When the Application process terminates its execution, its peer Servant process is also terminated.

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