November 07, 2005 09:00 ET

BioFoundry® Announces BioAPI-COM

SOMERSET, NJ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 7, 2005 -- BioFoundry®, a division of OSS Nokalva, Inc., announced today the availability of BioAPI-COM.

BioAPI-COM offers an object-oriented view of the BioAPI components, and supports Visual Basic, C#, C++, VB Script, Javascript, and .NET.

The BioAPI standard specifies a biometric architecture consisting of 3 major components, a BioAPI application, a BioAPI Framework, and BioAPI Biometrics Service Providers (BSPs). The specification standardizes the communication between these components via API calls defined in the C programming language.

Many developers wishing to take advantage of the standardized Biometrics API, and of the capture / enrollment / matching capabilities of BioAPI compliant BSPs, are hindered by the API complexity inherited from the use of C language in the definition of the API.

"BioFoundry® BioAPI-COM consists of a simplified API offering an object oriented view of the BioAPI components. This simplified API closes the gap between the complexity of the C-based BioAPI, and the need for mainstream application developers to create BioAPI compliant solutions quickly and easily," commented Alexandru Czimbor, BioFoundry® Program Director.

BioAPI-COM provides more natural programming interfaces (objects, collections) compared to the lower level C programming language. The process of developing BioAPI applications is made easier by combining the simplicity of scripting programming with the versatility of object-oriented programming.

By shielding you from the various complex aspects of BioAPI, BioAPI-COM allows you to focus on the development of your application, without requiring an in-depth knowledge of the BioAPI standard, or of C language.

Reduced Development Time + Simplified Product Maintenance = Cost Savings!

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BioFoundry®, a division of OSS Nokalva, Inc., provides standards-based biometric solutions and professional services, and is a leading contributor to biometric standards development at both the national and international level. Since 1988, OSS Nokalva has been instrumental in shaping and developing both standards and technologies.

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