September 18, 2006 10:00 ET

BioFoundry® Announces the BioFoundry® SDK

SOMERSET, NJ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 18, 2006 -- BioFoundry®, a division of OSS Nokalva, Inc., announced today the availability of the BioFoundry® SDK.

The BioFoundry® SDK delivers all you need to easily and quickly develop identity assurance solutions that can support any biometric modality. Our SDK offers you an unbeatable combination of benefits -- deliver better solutions, faster, at lower cost.

Designed for rapid application development, the BioFoundry® SDK allows you to take advantage of popular object oriented programming languages. C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, VBScript, and JavaScript are currently supported. Java support will be available soon.

The standards-based, component design of the SDK enables your solution to support any biometric technology -- e.g. fingerprint, iris, facial, voice, signature, or keystroke. You can even support non-biometric technologies such as USB tokens, and smart cards -- easing integration with legacy systems.

The BioFoundry® SDK ensures conformance to BioAPI 2.0. Easily switch in new identification technologies at any time -- change device vendors, even change modalities. No costly plug-ins to develop or purchase. Preserve your investment, while benefiting from the latest technological advances and competitive pricing.

The SDK provides a template to help you create your own BioAPI 2.0 conformant biometric components. If your requirements include support for BioAPI 1.1 conformant devices, simply use the Adapter component of our SDK.

Our SDK supports identity assurance in networked environments. Your solution can support access to a remote reader, or remote verification/identification in a client/server configuration.

Whether you are developing solutions for Enterprise Logical Access, Physical Access Control, Surveillance, Secure eTransactions, or Privacy Control, the OSS BioFoundry® SDK provides everything you need -- rapid application development, modality independence, vendor independence, distributed identity assurance support, BioAPI 2.0/1.1 support, and the highest quality Biometric Solution Consulting services.

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BioFoundry®, a division of OSS Nokalva, Inc., provides standards-based biometric solutions and professional services, and is a leading contributor to biometric standards development at both the national and international level. Since 1988, OSS Nokalva has been instrumental in shaping and developing both standards, and technologies.

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