November 16, 2010 08:30 ET

BioMedGPS Releases Spine Market Module of the SmartTRAK Online Business Intelligence System

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - November 16, 2010) - BioMedGPS, a provider of real-time online business intelligence and dynamic decision-making tools for life science executives, is introducing the second module of its comprehensive SmartTRAK Online Business Intelligence System. "SmartTRAK Spine" features detailed market analyses and profiles on nearly 300 US and international companies developing spinal implants and instrumentation for Vertebral Compression Fracture (VCF), Fusion, Motion Preservation, Dynamic Stabilization, Decompression, and Pain Management. SmartTRAK's newest module is essential for companies participating in or evaluating current and emerging spine technologies. Several hundred spinal devices are tracked and continuously updated in SmartTRAK, along with 5-year market analyses for each silo, providing a single source for online business intelligence for the spine industry.

The first SmartTRAK Spine silo was released in September covering the $544 million US vertebroplasty and vertebral augmentation/kyphoplasty market. The VCF silo tracks 36 companies (78% private) with 49 product brands. SmartTRAK Spine's new MIS Fusion silo tracks 26 companies (58% private) that have developed over 100 MIS fusion implants and access systems. SmartTRAK Spine, which will be complete in its entirety in January, complements the SmartTRAK OrthoBio Database, released earlier this year, which includes profiles of more than 450 biologic and biomaterial products for disc, bone, cartilage, meniscus, soft tissue and joint fluid repair and replacement, along with 5-year procedure and sales forecasts.

"SmartTRAK transforms medical technology business intelligence from a manual and time-consuming activity to a more efficient, dynamic and automated process that increases productivity while saving companies money," reports Sharon O'Reilly, President and CEO of BioMedGPS. "With SmartTRAK, executives can access the information they need instantly and obtain an up-to-date snapshot of the global competitive landscape in seconds! Companies such as Baxter, K2M, ISTO, LifeNet, among others, are already realizing the productivity and cost-savings benefits of SmartTRAK."

SmartTRAK is a powerful real-time and interactive market intelligence platform that helps medical device executives make faster, smarter and more cost-effective business decisions. Designed to replace print market and technology reports widely used in the industry today, SmartTRAK tracks emerging companies, competitive developments, regulatory approvals, and strategic alliances, and presents this information in concise market, company and product profiles updated as industry developments occur. SmartTRAK allows users to search, sort, store and share information -- increasing the productivity of corporate/business development, marketing, sales, market research, R&D and other device executives, and saving companies money.

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