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January 11, 2011 17:15 ET

BioMedical Technology Solutions Receives Signed Letter of Intent Valued in Excess of $2 Million From New International Distributor

ENGLEWOOD, CO--(Marketwire - January 11, 2011) - BioMedical Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc. ("BMTS") (OTCBB: BMTL) is pleased to announce the signing of a Letter of Intent ("LOI") with a new international distributor, JATA Technology Solutions Ltd., with a targeted performance goal for the sale of 250 to 500 Demolizer® II units throughout the calendar year 2011. At standard pricing, the value of the contract will represent revenues in excess of $2 million for BMTS; more than doubling orders in 2010. The distributor intends for distribution to be focused initially on the largest country in Africa, where insufficient biomedical waste management has reached epic proportions and demand is strong for a solution.

The LOI provides incentives for the distribution firm to increase purchases throughout the year while maintaining guidelines for minimum purchases at specific intervals. Additionally, the agreement sets forth guidelines for 2012 and future years with minimum orders of 500 units as well, securing future revenues for BMTS.

The country of Africa is in the midst of a concerted effort to curtail improper disposal of biomedical waste. Incineration is one of the few options for sharps destruction in Africa with most incinerators poorly maintained and, in many cases, not operational. As a result, biomedical waste is often burned openly causing hazardous conditions or simply dumped leaving people vulnerable to the dangers of untreated sharps waste that can be scavenged, repackaged and reused or spread disease from needlestick injuries. What has been called a "health catastrophe," the poor practices for sharps waste management leads to the senseless spread of blood-borne diseases including HIV. 

The Demolizer® II offers an ideal solution to this ever-growing problem. Sharps are treated and destroyed at the clinic using a safe, non-incineration technology. The treated waste is safe for final disposal or recycling. Through adoption of this important technology, clinics can take responsibility for proper waste treatment and prevent the unnecessary spread of disease.

"We are extremely excited about this Letter of Intent as it is the international breakthrough that we have been working towards for our company and shareholders," stated Don Cox, CEO of BioMedical Technology Solutions. "Our team has been working diligently to secure contracts for 2011 and we believe that this is just the start of a significant market penetration as awareness about the benefits of the Demolizer® II continues to spread both domestically and internationally. With the execution of this LOI, not including new and recurring orders that we are anticipating, BMTS will have the best revenue-generating year in its history and will help us achieve a fair market valuation."

Tom Von Bank, National Sales Director of BMTS, commented, "Proper biomedical waste disposal is a growing concern globally and a focus of African nations to institute change for the safety of their people and environment. This order is large, but still only represents a small portion of our new client's distribution base. The potential is vast in this multi-billion dollar industry and we will continue to work closely with our new partner to expand distribution throughout Africa and other countries."

About BioMedical Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc.

BioMedical Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc., located in Englewood, Colorado, sells the Demolizer® II through its wholly owned subsidiary BioMedical Technology Solutions, Inc. BMTS' patented Demolizer® Technology converts infectious biomedical waste into non-infectious material. BMTS' products provide biomedical waste treatment solutions for the over 1,000,000 low to medium volume medical waste generators in the US and a global market five times larger than the US. For more information, visit or call 303-653-0100.

About the Demolizer® II

The Demolizer® II is the GREEN alternative to biomedical waste disposal. The device is the only patented, portable, and self-contained system able to process both sharps and typical red bag biomedical waste onsite. The processed waste is rendered sterile and discarded as common trash eliminating up to 100% of the cost associated with its disposal. The Demolizer® II meets or exceeds all EPA and CDC guidelines and is approved or meets treatment requirements in 48 states after review by 80 governmental agencies. The device uses no chemicals or liquids, plugs into a normal outlet through a surge protector, and automatically records and prints state required documentation. The Demolizer® II provides a safer, more environmentally GREEN method for biomedical waste disposal.

About JATA Technology Solutions LTD.

JATA Technology Solutions LTD is a subsidiary of JATA Logistics. Mrs. Georginia Ude, an American nurse, is the CEO of JATA Logistics and is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. Jata Logistics specializes in outsourcing, transportation, the film industry and events management. Nigeria is currently undergoing a huge economic transformation where technological solutions play a huge role inits development as one of Africa's fastest growing economies. It is this gap in the market that led to JATA Technology Solutions LTD. 

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